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Hello,I wonder what are the best interior/exterior paints brand/products that you have used here?I'm now selling Benjamin Moore paints and would like to compare them with the best national brands.Thanks!

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Hello fellow expats! I wonder if anyone might be able to help me - I’m attempting to arrange my first delivery to my new place in Alfama. I’m not in yet in Lisbon so am unable to physically go and ask at the camara. Can delivery drivers access the HORECA areas or do I need to provide them with access somehow? If I need to get access, how can I find the relevant information online? Thank you In advance!

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Hi all. I would love to hear if anyone has any recommendations for a good (and reasonably priced) Removalist to take us from London to Lisbon in December. If anyone has traveled with pets, that would be great to know too. 

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I have some old corrugated roofing sheets in my garden.  Does anyone know what the regulations are for disposing of them ? I'm in the Sintra area.  I have found large companies that are more suited to disposing of asbestos on an industrial scale. I am looking more for a DIY solution.  Thanks in advance  if anyone knows.

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Hi, we are a family looking at options for a 6 month home exchange. We have a home in France (poitou-charente region) and are wanting to spend up to 6 months in Portugal. dates are flexible....if you or anyone you know would be open to something like this, let me know and i will forward you more info and photos about our property :)

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What are some best property management companies in lisbon? Like https://www.phoenix-golden.com/

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Ihave Ikea bed for sale. Size 160x200, white and with drawers. Almost new. If someone is interested, please contact me. 

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Is there an independent  heating / energy specialist in the Cascais area? I need advice!

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Hi there,Would anyone know a company that cleans sceptic tanks? I have tried looking online for limper fosso septico with no joy.CheersDermot

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Looking for someone to help with plans for a complete redo of ruins near the coast.

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Dear all,I am selling all my furniture that i bought 6 months ago.It includes , 2 large beds and maitresses with their nightstands , 3 sofas , 1 living room table , 1 TV Samsung , 1 dinning table and 4 chairs, 1 chair sofaEverything was bought from IKEA except from TV.If you need more details and pictures please feel free to e-mail me at siham-zi@hotmail.com.Best regards,Siham

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We have just bought a house in a village called Santiago De Bestieros - the nearest big town is Viseau. We don't plan to live there just yet as it needs some work but we would like some furniture for when we visits. Beds are first on the list. Can anyone recommend an outlet? Many thanksLouise 

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Does anyone know an honest, punctual, and competent plumber in Lisbon? I am on my 4th plumber now and he won't pick up the phone... need some help! Beer's on me if we get a good guy. (He doesn't need to speak English.  I also speak Portuguese.) I really appreciate it.Thanks!

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Hi, I  was wondering if anyone can suggest good furniture stores (at decent prices) with good quality and design (apart from IKEA and Area) in the Lisbon area.I am also looking for Portuguese household items like rugs, carpets, decorative ornaments etc.I would be grateful for any help ,Thanks :)

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I've been invited to camp out just south of Setubal and have been told by friends that I must be careful about snakes. To the best of my knowledge, there should not be any snakes around until very close to the Algarve. Are there any experts on this site to advise me?

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Does anyone know an English speaking electrician near Lourinha?

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I am looking to rent out a two bedroom apartment in Alcabideche, Cascais, I am looking for a good agent as I live most of the time in London. The property can be fully furnished if required 

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Where can I buy a product to use in my garden to repel or kill ticks? We are constantly finding  them on us after being in our garden.

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Looking for a good , quality reliable plumber/tiler to install an en-suite bathroom.

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