Aphids - how do I get rid of them

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I have a lovely plant in my yard but notice that there are ants wandering up and down the stems. Noticed what must be aphids and have tried picking them off but they return quickly. What can I use to get rid of them or manage them more effectively?


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Do you smoke??

If so break 3/4 cigarette tabaco into about 500ml of boiling water and leave to soak for at least 2 hours.when ready put liquid into a small plant sprayer and spray the plant using all the liquid.This wont kill aphids instantly but it will deter them from the plant,you will need to repeat as needed.

Do not spray in the heat of the day or when heavy dew

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Thanks. I've been using soapy water but these bugs are tough. Will ask hubby to save some smokes for me to use.

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We find that spraying the plant with a jet of water seems to rid our plants of aphids, but if it is infested we use "Safer" soap that took care of them. Not sure if you can buy it here but I brought some with me for our garden.

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Spraying the plants with soap does work but it is only a direct on that day solution,if you use the tabaco over a period of time the plant takes it up into the body of the plat and this then makes the plant taste bad for the aphid.Also if the aphid remains on the plant the build up of tabaco in their system will kill them.Also if you want to make sure a some sugar to the solution ,this makes it more attractive to the aphid and they injest more of the tabaco and they die quicker.You can buy products from suppliers here in portugal that are stronger but if you use these be careful what you use and were as some products may not suit certain plants.

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Thanks Muggle - Too bad you can't bottle it. What a great resource - thanks!

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It does come in a bottle and it costs a fortune,this is a recipie i have adapted to suit my needs.

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Have made the brew and sprayed. Will advise what happens. While spraying diligently, I found tons (well, in aphid terms) of the critters and wiped them off before spraying. How long before I notice progress of a positive sort?

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Depends,if sprayed in morning then end of day,if at night might take longer as aphids are not as active at night when temperature drops.I cant say this will kill them for sure as there are alot of factors involved.

Will the plant take up the mix?

what type of aphid are they(There are a few different kinds/colours)

Strenght of tabaco??(black tabaco is best)

As i said i have used this mix and its always worked for me but different locations,applications.

Is this plant the feeding plant or are they just resting there(some aphid dont feed and rest on the same plant)

Take a good look round the garden for other signs(Pay attenion to weeds as well as they can be a breeding ground that gets over looked)aphids dont usually travel far,but if you find 1 there will be others close by.

This may seem obvious but dont water the plant after spraying always before and leave treatment until plant is dry.

If you need any more help email me

Caes_luvr 1284291308

I thought I'd post back again and say that after 2 applications of the tobacco tea the aphids seem to be either gone or much less. I lost a few buds and some leaves, but we're looking better (and my tree smells like Café Creme cigarillos). Paid 35 € for this tree and don't have it to throw away. Thanks again Muggle.

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