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I am looking for a company that can take care of my property on the Silver Coast while I am away. Services include: Cleaning the house, taking care of the pool and garden, and small maintenance issues.I would prefer a professional if possible. Has anyone a recommendation?


Pebbles-762299 1300192751

This company is very good and also reliable. They could probably help you out with almost any property cleaning and maintenance, worth asking them. Try this link

Hope this helps.

devanha 1300217930

Thanks for the information, I will contact them and see if they can help. Always good to have a recommendation.

wendyz 1300303223

Hi Where abouts is the property that you need management on?

ArmandoLeal 1300492731

Can recommend Limpoeste highly as they are thoroughly knowledgeable and professional.

devanha 1300535547

I have been in touch with them and they are going to give me a quotation. Someone else recommended them too. Thank-you.

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