Conforama, Ikea & Leroy Merlin in Lisbon area

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I don't have my own means of transportation and hope someone will be able to explain to me how I may get to these three stores using the public transport system — preferably Carris as I find the Metro quite a hassle. Thanks. spyderman


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Leroy Merlin you have near Sintra and in ALmada forum. Carris doesnt serve those areas (need to take train or Vimeca bus).

If you want Carris buses For Ikea (alfragide): 714, 48, 750.

To know about Routes and timetables of these buses you should go to and they have it in English.

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Thank you Joanna for your reply - you seem to be quite an authority concerning life in Lisbon. We need people like you !

Tell me please. Is the Carris bus stop (714) situated close to the Ikea store. Do you remember the name of the stop - the details of line 714 are unfortunately not currently available on the Carris site.

I've located the Leroy Merlin store in Almada - it's just the other side of the 25 Abril bridge ? I have been led to believe that there is a Carris bus that crosses this bridge - what is your opinion ? Where do the Vimeca buses leave from - I'm very central - just up from Rossio ?

Is there not a Conforama store close to the city ?

Thanks again.


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There is Conforama in Amadora (not to far from Ikea) in front of Continente and there is another one inside Cascais Shopping Centre.

About the Carris Bus to go across the bridge, there is one going from Centro-norte (lisbon) to Centro-Sul (almada).

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