Container gardening question

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We've bought our containers, soil mix and seeds. How early can we plant things like tomatoes and courgettes? Our terrace gets full sun in the afternoon from 13h onwards.


devanha 1299781361

Can't be certain when it will be OK to plant tomatoes etc. We usually wait until the weather is getting warmer to put outside and if it looks like it is going to be a cold night, we either cover them with polythene or if the pots are not too big - bring them inside for the night.

wellmichelle 1299847091

It's definitely time to start planting. I planted some tomatoes and peppers about two weeks ago, some have already germinated, and I'm going to plant a few more this weekend.

MovingOn-760850 1299875092

Near where we live all of the people who have land have ploughed and begun to plant. Just watch out for cooler nights than the seedlings can handle.

Jake and Mary 1300137413

Thanks to all of you. We've put in a few seeds and small plants to begin. Will update as the weeks go by.

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