Growing Bamboo

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I'm needing a windbreak and privacy for a balcony/terrace and wondering if I can grow bamboo in large pots. The area gets approximately 4 hours of morning and early afternoon sun (sun is away by 15h).


agnes devlin 1282854172

I know there are various types of bamboo and some can be grown in pots. Have you tried speaking with a garden specialist?

teadrinker-761358 1282854378

Have a try here through the Anglo Directory and I know someone will have info about bamboo. Garden centers

Old_Soul 1282943657

Why not try Camelia - they are hardy in any weather and tolerate full sun as well as shade.

Singher 1282943809

Old Soul, you have impecible timing as I was coming in to post that I'd found a garden center and they also advised that I use Camelia. I now have a lovely tree on my balcony that should be flowering in a few weeks!

Singher 1283119865

As a suggestion from an American friend I also went on a Pampas Grass exbidition and found some wild. This stuff is seen here as purely worthless weeds but if used like bamboo, it provides privacy and is vertually indistructable.

Caes_luvr 1283297565

Singher, I too saw that but found it very difficult to uproot, it also "bites" - every blade of the grass has some spines.

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