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I've just moved into a rented apartment and I want to get content insurance. Can anyone recommend an insurance company? Thank you.


Caes_luvr 1284036606

Hi WM - have a look at the AngloINFO directory for insurance contacts. We shopped around through the directory here and found a reasonable plan for what we needed.

unionjacs 1284042400

We found the cheapest to be okseguros, a sub department of Caixa geral de depositos bank.

T&G_Newbridge 1284063803

Unionjacs - did you work with a prticular person to get your insurance? If so, would you give a phone or contact here?

unionjacs 1284075499

We did it online, it is really easy to do too.

wellmichelle 1284539367

Thank you for the help with the insurance, for anyone who's interested I went with Mapfre in the end - I found them to be the cheapest.

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