Looking for transport for 2 dogs LX to Madrid

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Hi Can you help? I'm looking for someone with a van to transport 2 large dogs (they have crates if needed but they can also be packed down). And 2 people with luggage. We will be traveling next week (15th or 16th?) from Lisbon to Madrid, probably mid week starting out early in the morning around 4am (this will need to be confirmed) Would suit a "a man with a with a van" :) Thanks Esme


Caes_luvr 1291679987

I'm not certain but can you tale the Lusitania night train to Madrid with the dogs?

_Esme_-762268 1291716750

Hi Caes_luvr,

Thanks for the reply. With 2 large dogs it will be very expencive to go on the train as we will need to get 2 booths so it isn't realy a good option unfortunately.

It's a good idea for smaller dogs though and I am grateful fo your input, thank you

Caes_luvr 1291755292

I thought so, too Esme but really except for driving, there aren't too many ways to go with the dogs. We travel with ours as well and it makes for some long trips. By the way, are you looking for a round trip to and from Madrid?

_Esme_-762268 1291756449

Hi Caes_luvr,

It looks like the best option might be to hire a van but we don't drive so will need a driver.

We won't be making a return trip.

Thanks for your reply
Caes_luvr :-)

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