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Would a concrete pool or spa give more service in the Silver Coast area? Clarification: weather, upkeep/maintenance and whatever we decide must be heated due to a health concern and swimming not necessarily what we're after. Looking forward to suggestions.Whatever your suggestion; if you know of someone providing installation and service, please also provide those details.Many thanks.


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we've had both.

A spa is much more usable, and if you get one with all of the bells and whistles, massage jets etc can be very good for your health, or at least makes you feel good, running costs can be high, lower on chemicals than a pool but just as high on heating / electricity, nice but after a while boring, very much depends on where you site it, inside or out, Do you really want to sit outside in what in reality is a large bath in the winter months ?.

Pools are much more fun, why not have a pool with a seperate spa built into 1 end.

A good solar cover extends the pool usage far more so than heating, we find the season is from April to the middle of November with a good cover and a south facing location.

A short story -

We looked at a house for sale about a year ago - the owners had installed a really nice spa, instead of a pool, cost about the same as a pool - approx 10k

The house was proving difficult to sell, some of the main feedback was because they didn't have a pool.

Conclusion was the house eventually sold for a reduced price and the spa was being sold seperately for a couple of thousand.

Best of luck

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We have a pool and get good use from April until October and we do not have heating of any kind. We do have a cover which helps to keep the temperature up and also keeps it fairly clean. A hot-tub would be great, but we would like this in addition to the pool - the pool is a good source of exercise and also visitors, grandchildren and friends love it when they come to visit. Once you get used to the cleaning routine, it is easy.

Hope this helps.

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For resale potential, it appears that the pool makes more sense and as you both mention, we'd get a long season of use. Thank you both for the time you took and the examples. May have some additional questions as we get closer to making this a reality. Steve - you had me at - "Do you really want to sit outside in what in reality is a large bath in the winter months ?." Lorraine.

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I forgot to mention that we have a concrete base for our pool. We have had this for 7 years and not had any problems and temperature at the moment is 15 degrees celsius. Not warm enough to swim yet, but my husband will be using it soon with his wet suit on! I usually take the first dip end of April and continue through to October.

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Hi Lorraine,
Did you get my email on this subject?

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Hello James - No I did not. Would you resend the email, please?

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Hi Lorraine, I have re sent the email.

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"Not warm enough to swim yet, but my husband will be using it soon with his wet suit on!" I have to laugh about this, but better not tell my husband or he'll do the same!

Thanks James - received the email.

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