Sweet recipe?

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A friend of my mums used to make minty sweets using powdered milk and I think golden syrup. Has anyone heard of this recipe, I want to make some when sis comes over for nostalgic reasons


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I have an idea my mum made these too. You warm golden syrup slightly then keep adding powdered milk until you got a quick stiff mixture. Also add peppermint essence during mixing. Then you put on board, or marble worktop, which has a layer of Powdered milk to prevent sticking. leave to stand for about 20 mins. Now you roll into a sausage and wrap, mum used a packet from inside cereal box. Place in fridge for at least an hour. Now snip or cut into sweet size. We used to wrap in the cereal box paper. Good for kids to make as no cooking. Bit like Murray mints

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I also make something like this I call it Pastillas de Leche.

Where do you get the mint ? as well as the syrup here in Portugal ?

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I got the peppernint essense in UK but I am sure most big stores would have some. Syrup well I cannot remember where I got that from. I will ask other half and get back to you.

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