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We live in Caldas da Rainha and we are considering building a swimming pool. Does anyone have a contact for a good construction company and approximate cost for an 8m x 4m pool?


Buynfruit 1296519610

Have you checked the Anglo Directory for pool builders?

Buynfruit 1296598876

Not to go overboard about Anglo, but before I moved to Portugal it was the best resource I had and helped my transition. Since I've been here, it's been invaluable! That's why I stay active here in the forum. Best of luck with what you need.

unionjacs 1296662016

Hi Cerise,
we had a pool built for us in the Caldas area, we are delighted with the pool and servicing. We shopped around for the best deal and even inspected the company's previous works. If you would like any info on the company please send me a pm or email.

cerise-762420 1296667007

Thanks will check the AngloINFO Directory.

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