Typical water and electricity amounts

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Moving house and wondering what the usual cost is for a 2 bedroom house for water and electric. We use the washer twice per week and the clothes dryer when we pop off to bed, so after 10PM. Thanks.


Caes_luvr 1295563714

Our budget for a similar sized apartment is €18 for water and €50 for electric. We're on the plan where the electric is cheaper after 22h.

steve01-761778 1295607494


how long is a piece of string, depends on your lifestyle, pool, aircon, electric heating, irrigation etc.

However we asked the same question of a couple of different websites a short time ago and the average range of the replies was to allow between 70 and 100 euros for the combined cost.

We live in a 2 bed house with pool / irrigation etc and so far this seems about right.

Best of luck

Old_Soul 1295652073

Steve - it's amazing that some of the information is almost identical but I agree with you - it's also about lifestyle. Thanks everyone for posting and the emails.

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