What is cream of Tartar ?

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What is cream of tartar in Portuguese ???


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Cream of tartar (potassium hydrogen tartrate )is a component of Baking powder, comprises baking soda and cream of tartar.) Cream of tartar is a by-product of winemaking; it's derived from refined tartaric acid, which forms on the inside of wine barrels, or from the whitish crystals (known as 'white diamonds') that precipitate out of some wines.

It's used in baking and in making desserts. It gives a creamy texture to icings and is used to stabilise and increase the volume of beaten egg whites.

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Thanks for your response.

I need to know what it is in Portuguese so I can get one in the grocery when I bake cakes.

I use a little baking soda when I beat egg whites as I dont have any cream of tartar is it already enough ?

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