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Is there anywhere I can take my knives to be sharpened? Have tried doing it myself, but it doesn't work well.

started by: oliveoil-755820 · last update: 1254303768 · posted: 1246349923

I am going to make some flavoured oil using herbs and spices, do I need to do anything to the fresh herbs before I put them in the oil

started by: Tulipsinspringtime · last update: 1252831102 · posted: 1235595401

I love Moroccan food, especially dishes cooked in Tangine, meats are so succulent because of the slow cooking. Has anyone any nice recipe or moroccan lamb?

started by: DonaGael · last update: 1251920496 · posted: 1251582469

Hello everyone. Not sure what to expect by joining AngloInfo, but I hope it's a friendly place. I know I'll have a lot of questions getting used to living in Lisbon and I hope a few of you reply!First, can someone tell me the best way to get some English TV channels? What are my options?Thanks :)

started by: seeker-755951 · last update: 1250593660 · posted: 1249888713

Anyone know where you can buy a large bottle of 40% hydrogen peroxide? Looking for pint-sized, or larger would also be fine.

started by: Caes_luvr · last update: 1250525931 · posted: 1250521245

Can anyone tell me where I can find some wind chimes for my garden? All I find are bamboo and I really want some metal ones.

started by: littleme-755821 · last update: 1250338627 · posted: 1248247327

I read on one of the news sites that there is expected to be a huge boom in thefts and break ins during the summer. I live alone and am quite concerned, especially as apprently many of these people use tricks to get inside your home. How can I protect myself for being a victim?

started by: Debbie93-760826 · last update: 1250022058 · posted: 1249848418

Can anybody tell me where I can get spares for a worton exellent 862 washing machine. The door catch on mine has gone wrong and Worton are telling me it will take 6 months to a year to get a replacement.. Hope someone out there can help.

started by: littleme-755821 · last update: 1249633654 · posted: 1248950630

Lookingh for a locksmith to change the lock on the front and back door of my house as I suspect someone may have a copy of the key. Where can I find one who is reliable, and reasonably priced.

started by: benny&thejets · last update: 1249386632 · posted: 1249386632

Looking for a garden centre near Cascais, that has some Pink Oleander in stock

started by: Di-758414 · last update: 1248182523 · posted: 1247570048

Have just moved here from Canada! We are very excited to explore the city. First we are trying to set our apartment up. Where is a good place to purchase towels, pillows (regular not orthopedic), a rubber bath mat, things like this. We were at El Cortes and found a few things but we are only staying here 6 months and don't want to invest a lot of money in thes items. Also, how far away is Ikea and is there an Ikea bus? Thanks very much!

started by: phillymid · last update: 1246956517 · posted: 1246872041

I have used the BBC sites for ages now but for the last week i have had problems getting on to soem parts of their site. Also my PC seems to crash when I use the BBC sites. Is anyone else who uses the BBC sites having problems?

started by: seeker-755951 · last update: 1246187595 · posted: 1246092671

for my Pc who 's good in the in the Loures area please

started by: Janeb4 · last update: 1245425605 · posted: 1245072621

We are permenantly relocating from Cork, Ireland to Lisbon in a few weeks time. Before I make a decision can anyone tell me of a reputable removal company who they may have used? Also looking for a storage company I could contact in Lisbon to hold my container of furniture once we arrive.

started by: mymum · last update: 1245418173 · posted: 1245226411

I like sending unusual plants as gifts but haven't yet found a decent florists here, any recommendations?

started by: lucy-756249 · last update: 1245068879 · posted: 1245054037

I am looking at a small quantity of white & black t-shirt with small pink name on the back of the shirt. Am looking at maybe 6 to 10 pieces only.Anyone here print such a small quantity and whats the cost like?Can anyone help.

started by: toothfairy-756384 · last update: 1244554029 · posted: 1244533314

Hi everybody out there...... I am looking for some large tables preferrably round ones which can seat 8 people. Condition is not a concern as they will be covered by large table cloth just as long as they do not collapse. Does anyone know where I can either hire this sort of thing or possibly buy at a really good price. I need 3 of these plus the chairs to go with them. thanks for any help

started by: LucyB-756464 · last update: 1242854655 · posted: 1207172121

This might sound daft (or trivial) but has anybody seen Max Factor make up on sale here. I miss my Lipfinity - the only one that stays on forever!Lucy B

started by: Brusselsprout-758786 · last update: 1242249981 · posted: 1242249981

Has anyone tried the English sausages made at Quinta Feirreiro foods, as advertised in classified section of this site...they sound fab. It is one thing that I always buy at the airport on my return from the UK, sausages. Must look into it! Yummy.

started by: Ace-758783 · last update: 1242118854 · posted: 1238365429

Can anyone advise me on product to use to clean shower doors, no matter how many times I clean them they always have watermarks! Demented...

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