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I have just had my garden hard landscaped ( I live on the Silver Coast but not on the beach). I need to know what are good plants to put in that will survive well. I will need ground cover, herbaceous/perennials as well as flowering shrubs. As I will be going to the garden centre with the landscaper whose English is limited I need help!! Would appreciate any suggestions, I have seen lovely plants growing almost wild so there has to be plenty to choose from.

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I am looking for goats milk for a friends child who is coming to stay any outlets around?

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Anybody know the emergency telephone number for the water company, all i get is an answerphone.

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In India I used to get regular facials done in the saloon. A nice spend to pamper yourself ; get somebody take care of your face while you sit back and relax. The cleaning,scrubbing,massage, steam, face pack a complete rejuvanation package !! I miss them so much while I need one desparately. Do you get them done here ? Any good saloon recommondations ? and what would they term it in portuguese ?

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Hi, Does anyone know where we can purchase cheap firewood?

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I find that mosquitos seem to love the little walkway up to my front door...everytime I venture out I get bitten by one. Are there any plants that repel mosquitos so that I can keep them away from the doorways into my home....I get so fed up with telling the kids, please close the door!!

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Looking for outdoor table and chairs - all weather. Do you know of any shop in Lisbon area? Funky, not wooden preferably.

started by: Bugsinmyhead · last update: 1240131934 · posted: 1240060254

I would like to hang a plant over my balcony region. Advice please on the best types, especially with the hot climate here in Lisbon. Are there any hanging plants that would also be mosquito repellants?

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What makes the UHT milk which has shelf life longer ( for months) differ from the Leite Fresca ( which needs to be consumed within few days ) ? Is it just the technology or the Fresca milk is indeed fresh milk ?

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Recommendations for good pool retailers in Lisbon region, want to get pool installed.

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Can anyone advise me as to what would be the normal rate per hour for getting someone to clean my home? Full cleaning service, shutters, windows, balconies and interior.

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Friend from London wants some home furnishings from Zara home. Is there a Zara home shop in Lisbon?

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I need a couple of basic household electrical items. Friend says she will bring them over as they are so cheap in Tesco now. Will they work ok here, Iron, hairdrier, food steamer.

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About a year ago I had a special solution put on a couch to make it stain resistant. I forgot to ask the people who put it on what I can clean the couch with when it gets dirty? Anyone any ideas?

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Have a house in Lisbon. Want to plant some climbers to go over my pergola at the front of the house. Any advice on what are the best plants to survive in the hot climate here? Preferably purple shades.

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Any recommendations for buying a good food processor/blender ? I need something strong that can grind lentils/rice/spices(dry). thanks

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I have kitchen units, don't like the colour of them, light wood...is it possible to paint over them a wenge colour? If so, what do I have to do?

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Anyone got a really good recipe for chocolate brownies please....kiddies party, they are my little boys favourite....guess I'll have kids high as kites going home!! It's only once a year.

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Who are the national landline suppliers in Lisbon, want to get a landline installed at my home.

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is it true that if I let the aloe vera in my garden flower they will then die off?

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