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I have a huge olive wood table that's to big for my new place. I would like to use it outside but am worried this might ruin the wood. Ant tips on what I could treat it with without spoiling the patina of the lovely old wood

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Can you get the Dulux paintpod in Lisbon. Can you only use Dulux paint in it?

started by: Imsweetas · last update: 1236441460 · posted: 1236381591

I did a really daft thing last week. I turned on the microwave with nothing in it. As a result the microwave heated and broke the glass plate which comes with it. Have I rendered my microwave unusable or can I just replace the glass plate?

started by: candybar-755871 · last update: 1236359005 · posted: 1236339552

Summer is soon going to be here and i want to lose some weight and tone up. Favourite diets and exercise plans?

started by: Sweetpea-758941 · last update: 1236298066 · posted: 1236214817

Can anyone give me advice on airconditioning systems. I want to install one at the top of our house for the summer, the heat is unbearable at the moment. As we live in an area near the river Tejo we have a lot of mosquitos but can't get the nets for the windows for velux windows as they open inwards. Anyone know what it would cost, roughly, to install an airconditioning system, just one unit would do.

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My asthma inhaler is running low can i buy a replacement over the counter or do i need a prescription.

started by: Ivehadenough · last update: 1235607584 · posted: 1235593401

Would love to buy a grand or a baby grand piano. Can anyone give me advice as to what is the best make?

started by: Sweetpea-758941 · last update: 1235594669 · posted: 1235594669

Want to hire a skip, how do I go about it?

started by: Blueberrymuffin-758796 · last update: 1235515936 · posted: 1235515936

Can I get Sky TV box in Lisbon?

started by: Ola-758784 · last update: 1235511717 · posted: 1235435832

I want to get a good coffee maker...anyone any suggestions as to what the best make is?

started by: bowie-756112 · last update: 1235242808 · posted: 1235213414

whats the best one to buy and where from. really want to make fresh orange juice.

started by: Andy-758595 · last update: 1234434797 · posted: 1234375390

Does anyone have a really good recipe for sub-dried tomatoes, absolutely love them!

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My kitchen cupboards are a light wood colour. I want to paint them Wenge. Can I do this? If so how?

started by: Zena-758596 · last update: 1234373769 · posted: 1234275662

Looking for a large mirror to put on wall beside dining table, modern. Want to give a feeling of extra space in my dining area. Any ideas on where to get one, not looking to pay an arm and a leg for it!

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Can anyone tell me what are the best natural mosquito repellants. I live near a river and am plagued by them in my home and attacking my person every summer. Help!

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Can anyone point me in the direction of a very good garden centre in Lisbon?

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that you would recommend instead of having to buy the Brit brands  

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Does anyone have a really good recipe for Moroccan Lamb - done in tangine...using tumeric as ingredient?

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HiMy family and I may be moving to Lisbon in the next year or so. We lived in Lisbon ten years ago but now we have two children so life will be very different.We are looking at the zones to buy a family flat and we want to be near the centre. It seems that there are big price differences between areas and its hard to see the logic of the property market. We used to live in Estafania and remember it as very pleasant. Now we see there are many reasonable flats in Anjos, Arrois, Graca and Penha de Franca (paticularly Barrio das Colonias) all of these areas are quite near Estafania. Are there problems now in these zones that we should be aware of.I would appreciate info on this and any other insight into buying in Lisbon. Thanks

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can anyone tell me were I can purchase oil paints and canvas in Lisbon please.

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