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Since I have a small orange grove, I've been thinking of making orange marmelade. Would anyone be so kind as to send some personal recipes? Also, does this type of jam has long life? shirley

started by: Charlie-755648 · last update: 1233067863 · posted: 1189597057

Hey there, could I get some advice/referal on security systems and companies please? charlie

started by: Pru-756019 · last update: 1233067570 · posted: 1191325436

Do you know of any good places to buy curtains in Lisbon?

started by: SPB-756468 · last update: 1233066503 · posted: 1206008886

I have a large area of my garden completely covered in brambles. Has anyone got any suggestions as to how best get rid of them permanently. I am cutting them back at the moment but would eventually like to use the area for growing things. Any advice would be much appreciated. SPB

started by: mymum · last update: 1233002410 · posted: 1232958083

I am trying to get the lid of a jar of salsa and it will not budge any tips on getting it off?

started by: tasha-756055 · last update: 1232632562 · posted: 1231505155

My place is freezing. It appears it doesn't keep the heat in all that well. Can anyone suggest a temporary fix? Also is there anywhere that still has some heaters? I've tried all the shops close by and they've sold out.

started by: Big Momma-756927 · last update: 1232444871 · posted: 1220374922

Which are your favourite traditional Portuguese recipes? We are going to a Portuguese-themed party and have been asked to bring along a dish. I need inspiration!

started by: green154 · last update: 1232016489 · posted: 1231840591

I'm not the most technically-minded. Can someone guide me through how to secure a wireless network?

started by: littleme-755821 · last update: 1231671438 · posted: 1228992198

Got out our winter clothes and to my horror some have mildew stains. can I save them they were quite costly and do not want to throw them out if possible

started by: chrome-755815 · last update: 1229332209 · posted: 1228905625

i would like to cook something a bit different this year what do you guys suggest

started by: toothfairy-756384 · last update: 1228756945 · posted: 1228730213

When at a butchers what words do i need for different cuts of meat?

started by: green154 · last update: 1228474447 · posted: 1228385295

How do you make mulled wine? I've tried a couple of times, but mine never tastes right so I've decided to consult you all!

started by: Big Momma-756927 · last update: 1228301171 · posted: 1228240203

Where can I find this? Also looking for glitter and card for xmas cards.

started by: phillymid · last update: 1228220606 · posted: 1228124450

where can I get the above for bread making

started by: lucy-756249 · last update: 1228121235 · posted: 1227785980

I would like to learn how to make sushi, is there anywhere that does courses, or anyone who would like to give me lessons please.

started by: Big Momma-756927 · last update: 1227689605 · posted: 1225793585

I don't know if it is because prices are going up or we have less money to spend but my weekly shop seems expensive. Given all the useful money saving tips posted on this forum I was wondering do you have any tips for making the weekly food shop last longer?

started by: green154 · last update: 1227631915 · posted: 1227605423

How easy is it to set up a wifi internet connection at home? I'm not the best with technology and my husband is away for the next couple of weeks. Is it worth getting someone in to do it and if so, who would you recommend?

started by: micky-756053 · last update: 1226929289 · posted: 1226929289

We have a couple of appliances and some unwanted furniture that we don't want anymore. Are there any markets or charity shops we could take them to?

started by: dazed&confused-756899 · last update: 1225789146 · posted: 1225277372

With the news that energy prices are going to go up again next year, how can I make sure my house is energy efficient and that I don't waste energy?

started by: merlinmummy · last update: 1225721005 · posted: 1224754777

Does anyone know how to find a chimney sweep in Almocageme area. Many thanks. MM merlinmummy

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