started by: seeker-755951 · last update: 1225473092 · posted: 1225446686

Following on from the energy saving topic, what recycling tips have we got?

started by: lucy-756249 · last update: 1225184882 · posted: 1225095947

I would like to know what all the different types are, not the brands, though a recommendation would be good.

started by: Pru-756019 · last update: 1222939014 · posted: 1222771629

Anyone got a tel no for the GB store? I need to check whether they have a product I'm looking for.

started by: green154 · last update: 1222380282 · posted: 1221562659

Searching for some interesting artwork for my flat. Could you pass on the details of any art galleries I should take a look at?

started by: rolypoly-756087 · last update: 1220952997 · posted: 1220356568

Does anyone know of or have attended any local Portuguese cooking classes in Lisbon?

started by: vince-756020 · last update: 1220259443 · posted: 1219833130

Is there anywhere around Lisbon I can buy these? Or, if not, have you got a decent recipe for them?

started by: dazed&confused-756899 · last update: 1219399662 · posted: 1219311156

This can't be true. What exactly is threatening the Portuguese palm tree?

started by: toothfairy-756384 · last update: 1219052641 · posted: 1218529070

I have been given a small electric BBQ but I cannot see how it can work, I mean the elements are under a rack but they are fully exposed and i would think the fats from meat would drip onto them. I am worried this would be a fire hazard. Has anyone used one of these type of BBQs should there be a cover for the elelments?

started by: spyderman · last update: 1218612637 · posted: 1216723327

I have an apartment here in Lisbon and spend approximately 3 to 4 months of the year here. I presently only receive the 4 national Portuguese channels and would like some more variety without having to pay a monthly charge (Sky etc.) - I don't mind the one-off dish etc. installation fee. There must be some free satelite services available! I speak French too so I'd be very interested in receiving the free French language channel TV5MONDE. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

started by: dazed&confused-756899 · last update: 1218562846 · posted: 1217524733

My lawn has developed some odd, yellow patches. Are there any green fingered experts out there who could suggest a solution?

started by: Pru-756019 · last update: 1218560856 · posted: 1218535592

Is there somewhere in Lisbon that sells these bins? Thanks for any help.

started by: familylife · last update: 1218038704 · posted: 1218009308

Is there a Lidl supermarket in Lisbon, if there is where is it please

started by: micky-756053 · last update: 1217509227 · posted: 1217415221

We are short of space and need to find new ways of storing all our stuff. Where would be the first place you would look for storage solution furniture?

started by: birdie-756370 · last update: 1217504270 · posted: 1217406773

Please somebody buy this game off me for 10 Euros, before i get asked to play it again.

started by: Pru-756019 · last update: 1217494763 · posted: 1217438126

We have alot of fresh oregano to use up. What recipes would be nice to try?

started by: trago · last update: 1216314487 · posted: 1216203164

I've heard that you can use plants to dye clothes natural. Does anyone know which plants to use and how to do it?

started by: micky-756053 · last update: 1216055866 · posted: 1216030259

Are EDP customers going to end up paying off the company's debts?

started by: Pru-756019 · last update: 1215093898 · posted: 1214909967

Hosting a dinner party next week and I am searching for the perfect summer dish. Any inspiration?

started by: luke&nat · last update: 1210418794 · posted: 1209468997

Can anyone recommend an upholsterer in or near Lisbon? Thanks.

started by: luke&nat · last update: 1210418734 · posted: 1209469126

Where can I buy lime wash from here, any ideas?

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