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I want to plant some small trees in my garden but I need something that doesn't grow so much and doesn't create so much litter. Any experts in this area could suggest the right tree? siMpAtIcA

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Is it ok to use tap water for watering plants. Someone told me not to as it kills the plants or were they winding me up? SPB

started by: SPB-756468 · last update: 1208092214 · posted: 1207568768

Anyone know where you can get Baskin Robbins American icecream from? Don't say America please! SPB

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Hello, my husband and I are moving from the US to Portugal. He is Portuguese and speaks excellent English as he lived in London for 5 years. He currently works as a handyman here in the U.S. and would like to know if the Anglo community in Portugal have difficulty finding English speaking handymen while in Portugal. We're just trying to find out if this is the type of work for him to continue doing when we move. If anyone has any information, we would greatly appreciate it. Also if anyone knows the average hourly rate handymen charge in Portugal, that would be helpful as well.

started by: luke&nat · last update: 1207068972 · posted: 1206529678

Does anyone know the Portuguese for this as I'm trying to avoid buying anything that has this 'poison' in it, after reading all the recent reports about it. It may be the same in Portuguese, but I'm not sure. Thanks

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Could someone put me in touch with a reliable and reasonably priced plumber in the centre of Lisbon (near 1250/Sacramento). Please e-mail me directly if you do not want to publicly display his details. Thanks. spyderman

started by: sallysmall · last update: 1205340086 · posted: 1204900147

There are 100 ways to cook bacalhau, they say... Which one is the most delicious ?

started by: LucyB-756464 · last update: 1205339986 · posted: 1205243153

Could someone tell me what the Portuguese is for self raising flour? Farinha ........??? Thanks in advance Lucy B

started by: spyderman · last update: 1204530851 · posted: 1198223409

I need to have some of my things moved from Paris, France down to Lisbon. Anyone know of a reasonably priced consolidated removals service.Thanksspyderman

started by: seeker-755951 · last update: 1203674062 · posted: 1203345072

Does anyone know where I can buy some Red Leicester cheese in Lisbon please. Its a yearning ive got.

started by: bleiker58 · last update: 1203583557 · posted: 1203522085

Hello there. We will relocate to Lisbon in august, and we will be very dependent on internet access as well as phone (wife will work internet based).. Any experience with companies, quality of service, good and bad in order to select the right provider. Your assistance is appreciated... H & S

started by: chrome-755815 · last update: 1202980493 · posted: 1202980493

Anyone out there know anyone who fits glass in doors? The glass in the door into the lounge of our apartment shattered and we need to replace it with non see-through glass.

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suggestions please, pretty please, for a really special, and simple valentines supper.

started by: spyderman · last update: 1201547015 · posted: 1201508583

I need to buy a new bed (140x190cm) — reasonable quality but nothing too fancy. Are there any good shops in or near the centre of Lisbon (I'm in 1200) preferably with a wide range readily available in stock (I'm not interested in IKEA because all their beds are at least 200cm in length) ? spyderman

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Looking for a reliable painter/handyman in the central Lisbon area (I'm in 1200). I don't speak Portuguese so he should preferably speak some English or French. Kindly note that I'm expecting to pay the average local rate so no time wasters please ! Thanks spyderman

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does Olive oil loose its useful properties if its heated? Also are olives as good for you as the oil.

started by: nice-756101 · last update: 1200058122 · posted: 1199891777

Im just wondering, what exactly is a cheese cloth ? I saw it being wrapped around a turkey on tv. It kind of looks like a diaper cloth to me.If you use it to wrap a turkey dipped on a wine and butter, would it not burn if you put it on the oven ?

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where can I buy please?

started by: trago · last update: 1198062702 · posted: 1198062702

I want to build a small extension to my property, do i need to get any permission to do this, anybody know?

started by: sallysmall · last update: 1197308121 · posted: 1197228856

Can anyone tell me what is the traditional meal for the Portuguese in Christmas ?

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