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Is it safe to use a pressure cooker ? I heard from some people that sometimes it could explode. I want to know if it is safe coz it saves a lot of time cooking meats.

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I have been told that the ovens here are not as good as UK ones. We bake a lot, make own bread etc, so the oven is important, is the UK think just a bit of ex pat nonsense, you now has to be British, or should I bring an oven over with the furniture?

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Can anyone recommend a good house cleaning company for a one off job. Could they also give me an idea of cost for a three bed apartment, its in a bit of a state so it wants everything doing.

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Can anyone point me in the direction of the above please. Urgent before I get found out!!!!! cheers

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We have had such a lot of problems growing plants this year we have decided to clean out all our containers and start again. An elderly friend said I should wash all the containers and that he always used to use this stuff called Jeyes fluid. Did not like to ask him but is it safe? Can you get it here?

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I like Portuguese estufados but I dont know how to cook.Anybody who knows the recipe can you pls share it to me ?

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Is it safe to use Bleach to remove stains in cups caused by coffee ? As well as in chopping boards ?

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I cook my rice in a normal pot.I am thinking of getting a rice cooker.Does it really make a difference compared to a normal pot?What benefits that it give ? Does anyone know ?

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does anyone know the recipe of chicken with beer? I had it in small restaurant on a road trip last year and I wanted so much to learn how to do it.

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Just putting the BBQ away and notice the tiles around it have grease on them, They are not the high gloss type tiles so seem to be a bit porous. I cannot seem to get the grease out of them with normal cleaning.If you can give me a useful hint would be most grateful.

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Any good advice appreciated. zaza

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Hi, I would just like to ask if someone could tell me that if I bought a house to renovate, with an outside toilet would I be able to get permission to renovate the house. Thanks for any help.Dany

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Could anyone give me an ideia of the cost of building a house per square metre in central Portugal? I know that in England it could be about £1000 per m2.luca

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Hello, I would be very interested to hear from anyone about Solar/wind turbine/geothermal power/heat production, are there any grants for source of energy, as we are planning to build a house in Portugal if we find the right property.robby

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