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I am a complete newbie when it comes to having a garden, but now I'm lucky to have inherited a small rose garden. Any tips to keep these in good condition?

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My little garden seems infested with snails/slugs and nothing I've done, including beer keeps them away. Has anyone found a solution to this problem? Someone did tell me that having a few hedgehogs might help? True?

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Does anyone have experience of ending a rental contract early. We began renting a property in August 2015 and have signed a contract to rent the property for 3 years. We are experiencing a number of problems with damp, which I know is a common problem in many of the properties, but it would seem that its particulate bad in this property. It has damaged many of our clothes, has appeared on our mattresses and furniture and is also badly affecting my son's and husband's health. We have tried everything to eradicate the problem but it has not worked. We would like to leave the property after a year but I don't know if we are tied in until 2018. A few people have mentioned that Portuguese law permits tenants to leave the property after a third of the tenancy has been served but I don't know if this is correct? Any advice on how we can extract ourselves from the tenancy would be appreciated. 

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Hi All Just in the process of moving to Lisbon in March, we have just completed on an appartment in Lisbon 1600, i need a reliable and resonably priced painter and decorator/handyman to redecorate a three bedroom appartment and help put some flat pack furniture together and other small bits and pieces. I also need someone to polish (vitrification??) some marble flooring in the hallway and lounge to bring it back up to its original lustre. does any one have any recomendations. i hope to be back in lisbon in two/three weeks time so am happy to meet with them. Any help greatly appreciated and looking forward to being a regular here. thanks RazzyUK

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Hi, Has anyone been through the process of getting credit for a bank house? My partnr and I attempted to get credit for 100% finance bank house but got turned away because we didn't have Portuguese gaurentors. The house is owned by Santander Totta and they said because we are not Portugese and dont have Portuguese gaurentors we cannot apply for credit. We both have permentant contracts and the house was well within our budget so we were surprised.  We have been living in Portugal for the past 3 yewars now so dont have the residency card yet but we do have the legal paper (certificado de registo de ciadao da uniao europeia). We just would like some info on our possible options if anyone has any. Thanks

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Is there a tip to take broken stuff to ? Or is there a way to have things collected by the council? In particular the previous owner of our house left behind, spare windows?? alot of wire fencing to prevent dogs getting to plants, broken hoover, broken pool cleaners and a broken bit of roof. where and how can I get rid of this stuff. Advice please

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Hi there!  I was wondering whether anyone could help me with finding the flouride content in tap water here in Lisbon / Cascais region due to thyroid problem. Also maybe someone could recommend a Natural Doctor who treats thyroid problems in this area too. Thanks very much! MR  

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We've discovered mould on some walls and bathroom ceiling. Although a lot of companies say they can cure the problem, does anyone have a company they know can actually rid a home of this awful mess?  We've tried spraying bleach and other probucts, but it returns. All suggestions appreciated!

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Where  can I buy a 220volts to 110 volts transformer around Sintra / Lisbon ?

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I'm told that because I am over 50 years of age, that the terms of my property's proposed mortgage may be less than 20 years. Can someone help me find out if there may be other options? My estate agent doesn´t have information with regard to this.

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Hi, We arei am moving to Cascais over the next couple of weeks and are looking to buy secondhand items to furnish a 2 bed apartment completely.  We need EVERYTHING, bed frames, sofas, console tables and coffee tables, dining room table and chairs, bedroom furniture, rugs, lamps. And kitchen items such as pots pans, plates, glasses etc.  I'm looking for Garden furniture too. we'd consider old or new items, antique or modern IKEA style. We'd consider any household item, big or small. Individual items or bulk sales.  Any advice here on antique/Fleamarkets is also welcome.

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Good afternoon, I was wondering whether anyone could possibly recommend us a reliable local (to Linha de Cascais) removals company? Thanking you! Best wishes, MR

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We are looking to rent an unfurnished property preferably a house in and around Colares from early 2016 (to start from Feb-April)  - know of any properties that might be available? Many thanks. C

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Hi friends I arrived Lisbon a month ago. Currently I am living in a temporary accommodation but soon have to find a 'permanent' one Within 20 of this month. i am writing younif you could suggest a cheap but also good accomodation. Would be a great help.   reagrds Madan    

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Hi all I recently bought and totally renovated a lovely 2 bed apartment in Alcantara, Lisbon.   My daughter already lives in Lisbon, and the plant had been for her to move into it.  However, her circumstances have changed, and she now won't be able to do so for many months.   I'd ideally like to rent it out to someone who would need a Lisbon base for at least 6 months, possibly longer.   Ideally I don't want to go through a letting agent in Lisbon, so wonder if anyone on this site has any contacts or ideas as to how I might find a suitable tenant?   Thanks   Karen

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Hi all, We are currently living in Brittany, France and we are marketing our house - in which we have lived permanently for 5 years - due to imminent move back to the UK. We have loved life here, but feel the climate is too similar to the UK for it to actually feel like a holiday home once we have moved back, and we are putting out some feelers to see if there is anyone selling their house who may be interested in a permanent property swap/exchange. Our house is being marketed for 167,000 euros.

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Hi everyone Wondering if anyone in or near Lisbon could help me find a small home or appartment to rent during the month of February.  My wife and I would like to escape at least one winter month here, look forward to see if anyone in that region has anything suitable. Many thanks

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Hello!  I have tried valiently to grow 2 climbing rosebushes in very big terracotta pots which I had delivered from the UK, but they seem to  have had every blight there is:  spidermites, no flowering, yellow leaves and now some kind of powdery mildew.  I have sprayed them with Neem oil, very diluted washing up liquid, fed them, etc, etc, but still they look pathetic. I have cut them down twice now and this is year 3 and still no flowers and sick-looking leaves.  It is not particularly windy on our patio, but overnight we have a this layer of dust to get rid of.  Is this the problem?  We have sun for half of the day, and I made sure the roses are in the right position to make the most of this.  I have fed them and cosseted them, and I'm resigned to pulling them out.  Before I do this, does anyone have any ideas?  The name of the rose is "Mortimer Sackler", which is supposed to be tough and disease-resistent.  Alternatively, does anyone know of a gardener we could pay to have a look at them?  (Portuguese or English).  By the way, we have a nice Mandevilla growing up a wall, and it too is beginning to get a powdery, yellow look.  Help!

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Hi! I'm a 30 year-young English female looking for pet or house sitting opportunities in Lisbon whilst I learn some Portuguese and experience Lisbon daily life. I keep a clean, tidy and organised household and I absolutely adore animals. I am happy to Skype/Facetime interview to make sure you feel comfortable with the arrangement and to discuss your pets/household needs for the time you are away. Ideally I would be wanting to come between 25th September 2015 - 30th October 2015. Many thanks for your interest, H :)

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is any sort of permit needed to put a video camera as surveillance on a terrace?

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