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      I have been asked by a friend in UK, who is a member of the Worshipful Company of Gardeners of London whether Portugal have private gardens to visit.   In UK an 'Open Gardens Directory' exists; see www.opengardens.co.uk and I would be interested to know whether there is a Portuguese equivalent. The Master of the Worshipful Company of Gardeners of London is looking into the possibility of visiting Portugal at some time in the future with the purpose of visiting Private Gardens if they operate in the same or similar way as UK.  

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Hi Lisbon! I am planning to visit in the near future and will need a flat in which to stay. I anticipate being in Lisbon for at least 6 months, but not permanently, so I'm looking for a 1 br furnished flat to let. My budget is up to €750 per month.

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I'm moving from London to Lisbon today and am in need of a reliable preferably English speaking handy person or electrician. I have some ceiling lights that need fitting and some doorsteps. My Portuguese is pretty ropey! Will pay the going hourly rate.

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I'm looking for this product that is a natural pesticide but haven't seen it here, Does anyone know about it and where I can find it? Not sure if it's called Neem Oil or translated somehow.

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I have a large eiderdown that needs cleaning befor this winter's use. Where are some places I can be assured ot's cleaned properly?

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Does anyone know of any building companies that specialize in reconstructing or rebuilding a ruin (old stone house) in a rural land in Portugal? Thank you.  

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Hello, does anyone know of companies in Portugal that sell log cabins or bungalow type of houses? Also companies that sell caravans that have the option for customization? And another question, if anyone knows of any building companies that specialize in reconstructing a ruin in a rural land in Portugal? Thank you. Eda

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i want to import a Portuguese BBQ to my home in UK. Does anyone know any reasonably priced carrier who would deliver this?

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Does any one know where longer handles for some garden tools can be located? Most of the tools I'm finding have the sticks much too short for my height. Thanks!

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Hello all I am new to this forum. I am a collecor of fig trees, does any one have young plants that I can buy please? lizamallah@hotmail.co.uk  

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I have a small garden and there are now bugs eating holes in my spinach and cabbage leaves but I don't see them when I weed and water. Does anyone have suggestions for what I can do before all my greens look like Swiss cheese?

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Are there any groups who are involved with gardening here?

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We have just received our first gas bill from Repsol, and are absolutely staggered at the figure at the bottom.  Having done a tiny bit of research, it seems we are paying quite a lot per unit.  I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they pay per unit, just so we can see if the information we've read is out of date or not.  Plus, does anyone know if you can contest the amount on the bill. Thanks, Annie

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I need someone to help out with some cleaning around the house but want to know approximately how much this might cost per hour or day. Any ideas out there?

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I'm trying to help out a family with some cookware. Where can I find some good but inexpensive items? A few pots and bakeware should be all they need at the moment. I've not visited many Markets - should I be looking there?

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I need an English speaking central heating enginner in Cascais area to fix a boiler problem  Do you know anyone? 

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Our home in the Silver Coast area has now been comepleted and with the home there is a very nice smaller property we'd like to rent out. Is there an estate agency we can find, trustworthy and reputable to represent us to potential renters? Ideally, we'd like to rent out with a long term contract.

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We'd like to install new windows in our place befor November. Does any one have a suggestion about who to use? I could do myself, but would rather get someone experienced to do the job. Thanks in advance.

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our cats have fallen from our balcony several times and although not hurt I want to give them a secure place to sun. Is there a glass shop that will install acrylic or safety glass to provide what we need?  

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woukd i be able to get fruit from a well cared for citrus tree on a balcony or terrace?

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