started by: DonaGael · last update: 1407926008 · posted: 1406889817

I've seen a few of the portable air cond units in Leroy Merlin, etc. and wonder how well they cool and remove humidity compared to an installed unit. has anyone used one of these?

started by: TheresaG · last update: 1404949502 · posted: 1404945800

Has anyone else noticed a lot of these this week?

started by: Diane Summers · last update: 1403769029 · posted: 1402872424

Where can I post an ad asking for help with cleaning, ironing, etc.? 

started by: Wanderer-794655 · last update: 1403479025 · posted: 1403435621

Hi Please could someone point me in the direction of  sources of information on what is allowed to be done to an old, country, property needing renovation.  I particulary want to find out if a roofed area connected to the house, that was for animals can be turned into a room for habitable purposes. Is permission needed? Many thanks

started by: Rick Shaw · last update: 1403196786 · posted: 1403016956

We've tried traps, our cats and nothing has worked so far.  What kind of trap will work on trapping mice?

started by: Leigh Corke · last update: 1403100460 · posted: 1402996897

We need someone who can work with a sloping area and create a terraced look.  Also have a need for someone working with stone to create a small patio.

started by: Diane Summers · last update: 1402872128 · posted: 1402072289

Where can I find pool toys, floats and games? Would like the pool badminton or basket ball games for kids and blowup chairs for adults.

started by: Jake and Mary · last update: 1401685437 · posted: 1401059281

Our shades began not working properly and now they are stuck inside the window .  I have tried retrieving them but they are coming down in a crooked manner. Is there anyone out there who knows of someone who can repair these?

started by: T&G_Newbridge · last update: 1400492198 · posted: 1400204524

Does anyone know where I can find an up to date version of condo rules in Portugal? If it's not in English, that's OK - I'll have it translated. Many thanks!

started by: danwood · last update: 1399583117 · posted: 1399512225

Looking for information about EDP contracts. Any help nearby?

started by: LucyInLisbon · last update: 1398681837 · posted: 1398545127

I'm growing a small garden this year and need some stake or support netting for my courgette, cucumbers and melons. Any suggestions from the gardeners out there? My space is somewhat limited and I'm trying to train these plants to grow vertically if possible.

started by: Annie-95362 · last update: 1398075714 · posted: 1398019123

Hello! we are new arrivals, we need to buy a kitchen, we are near freixianda about an hour from Coimbra, does anyone have any suggestions where we can search??? Thanks.

started by: DonaGael · last update: 1397621667 · posted: 1397601900

My garden seems to have been infested overnight by these small orange/red, with black stripes bug. I don't know what they are and if they will kill my plants. Any garden gurus out there??

started by: gwnordin · last update: 1396544530 · posted: 1396544530

In need of suggestions for pest control services for an outdoor property. 

started by: Nikvik1-763453 · last update: 1395390298 · posted: 1394806486

Hi, My partner and I have moved to Portugal about 2 years ago and we have been living and working in the Lisbon area. We currently rent a T2 apartment in Costa da Caparica which is costing us 400 euros pcm. Life is good at the moment and we are both happy with our current situation. Looking into the future we will be wanting to settle down in a property but as we are still (relatively) young we have no experience in this field. I have recently been told that the possibility of buying a plot of land and then hiring a company to build a house on this land is the most affordable way to gain property.  I just wanted to see if anyone had any experience or information about buying or building a property.  Thanks in advance

started by: DaniB-762974 · last update: 1394564228 · posted: 1394450286

I'm confused about how residents of Portugal (Canada and USA) can go about buying and financing a home here. This is our new home, but we'd like to really put down roots, especially with prices being fairly decent for buyers now.  Any help out there? Thanks!

started by: MR-763490 · last update: 1394395760 · posted: 1394395760

Hi there, Don't seem to be having much luck finding a good plumber & boiler maintenance specialist here in Cascais / Oeiras area.  Black soot-like particles are blocking the hot water tap. Would be really grateful to know of details of such a person who can fix this? MR      

started by: cmain · last update: 1391873322 · posted: 1391793478

Hi All,  I am a thirty-something professional from the U.S. wanting an expat experience in Lisbon, Portugal. For the past 5 years I have been an expat in Mendoza, Argentina. My Spanish is excellent, my Portuguese is basic (but I understand it); I would like to have an authentic immersion experiece! Housing: (May  through July) Ideally, an one-bed room furnished apartment is my first choice. Area must be safe for single woman! I am also willing to consider renting a room in an apartment if that option is open as well.  Please let me know if the expat community has contacts for this type of housing.  I have researched Airbnb, VRBO, and other sites. I am looking for something that is perhaps more word of mouth! Also, any insights on perferred areas would be welcome. :)  Much appreciated! Carrie p.s. If you are going on vacation any of those months (May, June, July) and want to rent your place in Lisbon, let me know. I am quiet, professional, and respectful.

started by: Lisbon Live Team · last update: 1391724768 · posted: 1391724768

This link reports that the cut off is happening now:  http://www.thelocal.es/20140206/bbc-sat-switch-leaves-expats-in-dark  

started by: Riddick · last update: 1391467972 · posted: 1391467972

Looking for a good set up to be installed in a condominium. Looking for suggestions if anyone has the name of a company or individual.

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