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Hi. We have seen a house we really like but it has some damp issues. The owner says were causes buy leaving the windows open when there was a storm. It as seems reasonable BUT I would like a local builder/surveryor to look at it before we make an offer and also to work with us afterward to put things right. Please advise. We are newly arrived and our portugese is still in its infancy

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Some sound advice from Harry on his blog, Sinking into Portugal. Have a look here:  Planning Problems  

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Does anyone know where I can buy full spectrum lighting? It's said to help with the "winter blues" some people get.

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Although it is raining now and thoughts of a Swimming Pool are far away, some people are building for next year. Harry's Tips over on his blog "Sinking into Portugal" are always a good read. We thought it would be worthwhile to remind ourselves of his August post (click here) : How to choose the right pool for your home or your family While you are there here are a couple of other articles full of tips: Just bought an old property in central portugal Five things to look for when buying a property in Portugal

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I was told this evening that I need special paint for our kitchen and bath. This is something I've never had to buy in the past when living in the US. Can anyone tell me if this is the case here or am I being sold something I don't need. Thanks in advance!

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Can someone please give me the name of an installer for an air conidtioning unit. Thanks everyone!

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Can anyone suggest someone to come work on the roll up window shades? We're new to Lisbon (from Albufeira) and don't know anyone yet. Suggestions appreciated and English helpful but can manage some basic Portuguese.

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We have a lot of trees and shrubbery that need attention badly. We're looking for a good landscaping company if anyone knows of one.

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Where's the best place to look for used furniture? Are there markets or auctions happening?

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. Hi All We live in Normandy and are looking for a long term rental next spring, probably 3 months. Must be able to accomadate 6 people in bedrooms (not sofa bed in lounge). Pool prefered but not essential. Must be reasonably priced as retired and on fixed income. Not sure of the rules on this forum so you may have to email me directly by clicking on my user name. Thanks in advance. Hilltop

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Can someone tell me where I might look for used garden furniture? Many thanks in advance.

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Does anyone know how well these work, let's say in a bedroom?

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Has anyone seen lounge chairs that have UV protected fabric? 

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Does anyone know of a good site I can visit to look at rental homes for an Lisbon holiday? 

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In the process of relocating near Lagos and have more household things than I can move in 1 or 2 trips and I can't spare the time. Any suggestions for a removals company or van would be very helpful. Cheers - Mike!

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Looking for some small (palm size) lights for a little girls room and terrace. Have checked the Chinese shops and found nothing.

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Hello Lisbon! Can someone suggest a good realty firm for some dear friends wanting to have a small property, just outside the city of Lisbon? Thank you in advance from Valencia!

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Hi there, Does anyone know where I can buy biological thyme for an acne remedy? Thanks, MR    

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My husband and I will be starting to look for housing at the end of this month for our impending move to Estoril. We picked that location after reading about its closeness to Lisbon, but not actually in the city itself. Any good real estate agents out there who speak English and with whom we can speak while we're still at home to get the process started?

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Has anyone seen some promotion having to do with an epilepsy alert device? Recently I saw something but cannot recall where.

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