started by: katarina2 · last update: 1356614369 · posted: 1353320703

Two semi-kittens have adopted my house as a new domicile. Refuse to go away. Have to feed them eventually. They have obviously been left here in the street. I cannot adopt them and would love to find them a home. They are well fed, have excellent manners, show signs of having had collars and, .....also very affectionate. Photo per e-mail .......katarina

started by: Lauryn-763208 · last update: 1354665215 · posted: 1354578336

My neighbour has the most lovely Christmas cactus so now I'n looking for one to buy. Looking for a nice plant shop that might carry one, if anyone spots one. Please let me know. Thanks!

started by: MR-763490 · last update: 1354128364 · posted: 1353954178

I have some dry cleaning needing to be done and wondered whether anyone knows of a launderette in Cascais or Lisbon area where you can take the stuff and put it in the machine and do it yourself as you can in the UK. Thanks!   MR    

started by: Lisbon Live Team · last update: 1353018962 · posted: 1352880332

 An endearing new article from Stephanie at Portugal Post: New arrivals at Bay Tree Farm

started by: oliveoil-755820 · last update: 1352119801 · posted: 1182523122

I am looking for a gallery that sells modern art, not too expensive can anyone recommend one please

started by: Bea-347396 · last update: 1351640189 · posted: 1351468689

Can anyone recommend a temprary Internet provider while I am in Lisbon for a 3 week stay?

started by: MR-763490 · last update: 1350749592 · posted: 1349265081

I would be grateful to know how to get rid of a wasp's nest near to our kitchen. Thanking you in advance, MR

started by: Tamara-762781 · last update: 1350121953 · posted: 1349702589

Does anyone know where I can source some designer furniture - I have a friend who is purchasing an upmarket apartment in Lisbon and she wants some really up to date furnishings.  Perhaps an interior designer would be able to help.  If you have any suggestions I will pass them on to her.  Thanks.

started by: Madge-762481 · last update: 1349654585 · posted: 1349559115

I'm planting a small garden and am wondering what sorts of things I can grow at this time of year besides cabbage. Does anyone know?

started by: BDand3 · last update: 1348006090 · posted: 1346794329

Are there any fabric shops in Lisbon where I can shop for sewing material? If located near a metro it would be a bonus!

started by: Singher · last update: 1347395238 · posted: 1347316882

Can I buy 2kg hand weights somewhere?

started by: Buynfruit · last update: 1346278561 · posted: 1346109182

We've a patio door that now has broken glass and I have no idea how to make a repair. Suggestions, please! Are there people who do this sort of thing? If so, please make a suggestion.

started by: Jo James-761382 · last update: 1346194272 · posted: 1336084318

We've decided this year to put fly screens up but we're not sure where to find the mesh or the ready made screens. Can someone suggest a place?

started by: pwb353 · last update: 1344961864 · posted: 1344874578

We are about to move house and I need to self pack so am looking to purchase good quality carboard packing crates, does anyone know where you can buy these in the Cascais or Lisbon Area. thanks Paul

started by: MR-763490 · last update: 1340796412 · posted: 1340202663

Does anyone know where I might be able to buy saddle soap in the Cascais / Lisbon area. Thanks,MR

started by: Caes_luvr · last update: 1336088832 · posted: 1335910112

Looking for someone to help as I have bought a dog door and need someone to professionally fit it into an existing sliding patio door.

started by: WendyB-763119 · last update: 1335861351 · posted: 1330693505

I live near Tomar and am trying to find somewhere to buy tiles that are reproductions of the original hand painted ones. I think the latter are too expensive although I don't know that either because I seem unable to get help from anyone in this direction. Can anyone help me please.

started by: bilal09 · last update: 1335790496 · posted: 1334108660

im in search of a handy man who can fit in a small kitchen bathroom and laminate floors? does any one know of anyone who can do all of this for a good price?

started by: Joanna Elliott · last update: 1328907679 · posted: 1328648045

I'm looking for someone who can help me with some curtains with thermal backing. I've got all the fabric, just need someone with the know how.

started by: Pete and Linda · last update: 1328124369 · posted: 1327254624

Just recently I opened a closet and noticed some possible mildew or mould spots and a musty odour. What are the best ideas on getting rid of this problem?

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