started by: Singher · last update: 1328040075 · posted: 1327876475

Has anyone had problems with reception and complete loss of signal at times?

started by: DonaGael · last update: 1326659891 · posted: 1324510350

Someone was telling me that there is an easy way to save on electricity by changing the times of day that I consume more power. I can't find any information on the EDP site. Can anyone help me locate this info?

started by: Singher · last update: 1324162315 · posted: 1322953890

The old artificial tree has gone to the bin. Trying to decide if we buy a live tree or another artificial. Taking a poll of Christmas trees - Live or Fake? Post here!

started by: zaza-755684 · last update: 1322272424 · posted: 1179516453

We're in need of a gardener, to help us out. We have been quoted between €20-30. We find this a lot, please can someone recommend a good gardener. Any help would be appreciated. zaza

started by: frances-763081 · last update: 1321889443 · posted: 1321873257

After paying euro15 far too many times for adaptors (UK and Canada to Europe) I found them for euro5!! at a tiny store in Amoreiras shopping. None of the usual extreme plastic packaging, just a large bucketful of them for a third of the price at a sweet tiny store called "Bricolage", near Pao de Azucar on the ground floor.

started by: Love2sing-760845 · last update: 1321714667 · posted: 1321540249

Seriously in need of powdered lime to help some carpets be rid of odors. Can I purchase this at local drogarias? If so, what should I ask for?

started by: Rick Shaw · last update: 1319937477 · posted: 1319756938

Black and orange/yellow spotted lizards in our grass these past few nights. Are the poisonous?

started by: lynn4213-761223 · last update: 1318203448 · posted: 1317978341

Hiya, Can anyone help with some information on insulation regulations in Portugal. We currently live in Cyprus and when our property is sold we are looking to move to Portugal. Are all houses after a certain date insulated. Are renovations insulated and new builds. Have seen a couple of properties we may be interested in in the Coimbra area but when I email estate agents to ask about insulation they just reply that they do not know. Not very helpful I must admit.We are looking to rent in the area for 6 months before we buy.Thanks in advanceLynn - Larnaca, Cyprus

started by: LuckyChap · last update: 1318203400 · posted: 1318203400

We're looking for a reputable person to re-tile our pool and do make recommendations for a new filtration system for next year. Please let us know if you've someone to recommend.

started by: teadrinker-761358 · last update: 1317840592 · posted: 1300395505

We've loads (8 meters) of Ikea fabric - Annamoa design - for sale. Orig bought for €5/meter will sell for best offer.

started by: suzyque-761937 · last update: 1316739373 · posted: 1316540319

Hi does anyone know a company or person that can make old furniture into french style distressed? Any advise welcomed or if anyone has done this themselves

started by: Madge-762481 · last update: 1313536219 · posted: 1313365504

We've had a gardenia for some time now and it had lovely blooms. Now that the weather is warmer the plant is not blooming any more. Can someone tell me how to get the plant to flower again?

started by: T&G_Newbridge · last update: 1312235620 · posted: 1312149688

Can someone please tell us how to ask for this at the "drogaria"? We're cleaning old grout from around tiles and have used this in the past. Is it available here and if not, sugestions of a good, thorough way to deal with the grout.

started by: London&Hessen · last update: 1311615780 · posted: 1310832452

Hi,We're looking to furnish a new apartment but don't know where to find big furniture outlets in the Lisbon area where we can buy a sofa, table and chairs etc. We'll order bed and mattress from IKEA, but sofas etc are pretty expensive at IKEA.We could drive around areas like Loures and Alfragide, but we're not in Lisbon till the last week of July so wondered if anyone could help us beforehand so we can plan.....so much to plan!Also, although this is Home & Garden, if you know any garages in the Lisbon area with lots of second-hand cars that you would trust, please could you recommend them!Many thanks for reading and sharing!

started by: LucyInLisbon · last update: 1307660935 · posted: 1301263051

This may be a silly question, but is it possible to find a king size bed here? When I do the measurements and by looking at the beds, they don't seem to be as big! Am I looking in all the wrong places?

started by: SandDreamer · last update: 1307371226 · posted: 1297363563

Can someone recommend a good book for gardening in central Portugal?

started by: Rick Shaw · last update: 1305833042 · posted: 1305757121

Can anyone explain why I see bags of water hanging outside doors and windows in some rural homes? What's the significance?

started by: Rick Shaw · last update: 1305793859 · posted: 1305494171

Looking for a good deal of one of these units as well as opinions. Can't install anything permanent, so portable is the only way to go right now. Any advice on where to get a reliable unit?

started by: LimerickGirl · last update: 1305328545 · posted: 1305308940

We're having a really difficult time finding out who's called us as our phone doesn't keep a record or we don't know how to get the info. I'm wanting to get an answering machine to take our messages and to keep a record of who's called. Does anyone know if Worten or a similar type store carries these?

started by: Buynfruit · last update: 1303768818 · posted: 1303500942

OH and I are looking to build a small pond but wonder if anyone has suggestions for the pre-formed sort or if we should use a liner. We're looking for something around 60cm deep if doable.

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