started by: Buynfruit · last update: 1302736402 · posted: 1302476927

I've inherited a few large plants for my house. Are there any English speaking plant centres or landscapers who can answer some questions about my new plants?

started by: devanha · last update: 1300535547 · posted: 1300191654

I am looking for a company that can take care of my property on the Silver Coast while I am away. Services include: Cleaning the house, taking care of the pool and garden, and small maintenance issues.I would prefer a professional if possible. Has anyone a recommendation?

started by: Jake and Mary · last update: 1300137413 · posted: 1299708855

We've bought our containers, soil mix and seeds. How early can we plant things like tomatoes and courgettes? Our terrace gets full sun in the afternoon from 13h onwards.

started by: Lorraine Bregeras · last update: 1299609190 · posted: 1299276062

Would a concrete pool or spa give more service in the Silver Coast area? Clarification: weather, upkeep/maintenance and whatever we decide must be heated due to a health concern and swimming not necessarily what we're after. Looking forward to suggestions.Whatever your suggestion; if you know of someone providing installation and service, please also provide those details.Many thanks.

started by: Jacqui.t · last update: 1299493248 · posted: 1299493248

Hi, I live in Seixal, near Areia Branca in an apartment, and want a Wind Break installed on the Balcony, so that we can sit outside, if there is anyone that can help me? I have contacted local Builders but they don't come back to me.

started by: cerise-762420 · last update: 1296667007 · posted: 1296513329

We live in Caldas da Rainha and we are considering building a swimming pool. Does anyone have a contact for a good construction company and approximate cost for an 8m x 4m pool?

started by: Old_Soul · last update: 1295652073 · posted: 1295386028

Moving house and wondering what the usual cost is for a 2 bedroom house for water and electric. We use the washer twice per week and the clothes dryer when we pop off to bed, so after 10PM. Thanks.

started by: _Esme_-762268 · last update: 1291756449 · posted: 1291657804

Hi Can you help? I'm looking for someone with a van to transport 2 large dogs (they have crates if needed but they can also be packed down). And 2 people with luggage. We will be traveling next week (15th or 16th?) from Lisbon to Madrid, probably mid week starting out early in the morning around 4am (this will need to be confirmed) Would suit a "a man with a with a van" :) Thanks Esme

started by: BijoyT · last update: 1289817689 · posted: 1289570798

I will be moving out from my apartment in December. So I want to sell out the furniture items as a whole. I am looking for a kind of shop in Lisbon that they will come and pickup the electronic and furniture items from our home at a reasonable price?Thanks

started by: Buynfruit · last update: 1286185223 · posted: 1285002400

The tile grout in my kitchen and bathrooms are all very dark in some places. What can I do to make them clean looking again?

started by: LuckyChap · last update: 1284592345 · posted: 1284503736

I'm trying to locate frames almost suitable for a shadowbox, if any one is familiar with this item. Can I buy these anywhere?

started by: wellmichelle · last update: 1284539367 · posted: 1284025140

I've just moved into a rented apartment and I want to get content insurance. Can anyone recommend an insurance company? Thank you.

started by: RichardCranium-761663 · last update: 1284373011 · posted: 1284360237

Hi, I would like to find a Handyman/Carpenter for fairly simple work that I need on my patios ready for next year, need some wooden boxes and similar to hold plants plus some other work. Will pay a reasonable hourly rate or agree fixed price. I live in Birre-Cascais area. Chris.

started by: plforum · last update: 1284291478 · posted: 1284223024

I am looking to plant some herbs and tomato & pepper plants, and I have not been able to find any shops in the Lisbon area. Any recommendations would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

started by: Caes_luvr · last update: 1284291308 · posted: 1283886773

I have a lovely plant in my yard but notice that there are ants wandering up and down the stems. Noticed what must be aphids and have tried picking them off but they return quickly. What can I use to get rid of them or manage them more effectively?

started by: Singher · last update: 1283297565 · posted: 1282773811

I'm needing a windbreak and privacy for a balcony/terrace and wondering if I can grow bamboo in large pots. The area gets approximately 4 hours of morning and early afternoon sun (sun is away by 15h).

started by: danbandini · last update: 1282601927 · posted: 1282578098

Hi We have a serious mould problem in our apartment in Lisbon and need a professional cleaner specialising in removing mould! Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated!Many Thanks

started by: T&G_Newbridge · last update: 1282132676 · posted: 1282132535

When we moved over I didn't bring my mosquitos sprays. I see that there are plug in devices that are said to repel these pests. Does anyone know if they work?

started by: MovingOn-760850 · last update: 1280780703 · posted: 1280604107

Any suggestions for trees or bushed on a large ground level terrace with apprx. 5 hours direct sunlight and frequent windy conditions?

started by: stephen bennie · last update: 1280186366 · posted: 1279888164

Does anyone use a DreamboxI want know if it can be used on an existing cable connection.Thanks

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