started by: millerchick · last update: 1279837612 · posted: 1277936225

Can anyone advise on some plants i can buy to brighten up my balcony? It's sunny all afternoon. Thanks.

started by: teadrinker-761358 · last update: 1278315611 · posted: 1278273109

I have a lot of plants on thr balcony and these very hot sunny Lisbon days are taking a toll. They're in clay pots and watered every morning but still wilting. Any trick to keeping plants here?

started by: Caes_luvr · last update: 1278285941 · posted: 1278285941

Can someone recommend someone qualified to place stones for a driveway recently repaired? Language is not an issue if they speak Portuguese or English.

started by: sil-761154 · last update: 1277935493 · posted: 1277422104

I'm trying to make my flat more homely and was wondering if any one knows where I can get some vintage or antique pieces at reasonable prices. Thanks!

started by: DonaGael · last update: 1275952348 · posted: 1275856745

Can someone tell me if there is an English speaking security company around Lisbon to put up security gates?

started by: Harry-760265 · last update: 1275556571 · posted: 1275522216

I'm after some new windows for my apartment. Can anyone recommend a trusty fitter?

started by: DonaGael · last update: 1272553977 · posted: 1270565435

Can someone advise me if olive trees can be grown and will bear fruit on a terrace getting 5 hours of direct sunlight daily? The terrace is very large and the trees would not be limited by height - sunlight is my only concern.Thanks in advance.

started by: renemaia · last update: 1270537688 · posted: 1270457535

Hi Can anyone help. We have been trying to grow some lawn for the past few years and are unable to. It is very patchy, and in some areas yellow. We have tried everything and just cannot get it right. Any suggestions?

started by: DaveB-760264 · last update: 1270139637 · posted: 1265839846

I'm after some new furniture, but not tacky IKEA stuff.Ideally I want a good solid pine table and chair set, with a pine sideboard too.Any ideas where I might find one?

started by: househunterscasting-761444 · last update: 1268330824 · posted: 1268330824

Have you bought a home in Lisbon in the past 2 years? If so, we'd like to put your story on TV! HGTV's House Hunters International is looking for energetic individuals, couples and families who are passionate about their search for a new home or vacation property abroad. This hit series takes viewers behind the scenes with a real estate agent to decide which international home is best for you! We're looking for upbeat personalities and interesting stories. If this sounds like you, apply now! We are currently casting in multiple countries around the globe. Send an e-mail with your name, phone number, location and attached photo to househunterscasting@leopardfilms.com, and we'll send you additional information.

started by: Sussie2 · last update: 1267733714 · posted: 1267690991

Hi does anyone know of a good english speaking lawyer for a property purchase in the Castanheira de Pera region? Also, does anyone know of a good website setting out the various steps of purchasing property in Portugal as I have heard some nightmare stories about it all... :-) Many thanks Sus

started by: DaveB-760264 · last update: 1266607831 · posted: 1266352594

I want to get Premiership football on my TV at home, rather than having to go to bars and cafes to watch games.What channels are best to get? Eurosport, or something else?

started by: superams55 · last update: 1265654592 · posted: 1263742417

I have a satellite system with a freeview box and want to use my SKY+ box so that I can use the record/rewind/ pause facility. Does anyone know how I can do this and do I need to pay a subscription to SKY?

started by: saaya · last update: 1265051804 · posted: 1264967081

With Spring arriving soon; I can see loads of plants in the super markets. I want to have small green patch even though there is no scope for gardening in my house. Any suggestions for in house plants ? I prefer something that has flowers and will grow in the pot.

started by: celtiberian · last update: 1261766383 · posted: 1261316244

With the weather being more chilly and rainy, I find it hard to predict when I should wash clothes because of the drying time needed. How do you compensate for this? Don't like drying clothes indoors in the living room!

started by: sahs26 · last update: 1261173595 · posted: 1257773254

Where can I pick up some cheap Portuguese style tiles?Are there any good markets for them?

started by: HarrysGirl · last update: 1258676658 · posted: 1258596307

Hi does anyone know where you can buy a chiminea in Lisbon, if possible...have considered buying in uk and getting direct transport to bring over but feel that with so many potteries you surely must be able to get a clay chiminea somewhere over here? many thxs

started by: celtiberian · last update: 1257546544 · posted: 1256885085

Where I'm from , the police have a community liaison who speaks with condo associations, business, schools, etc. about a variety of topics including safety. Since I am so new here but am involved in my condo association in a small way, I was wondering if the local precincts might have someone like this.

started by: ajanela · last update: 1257247829 · posted: 1257182778

I have a 20 year old Palm Tree in good condition in my garden. I have heard that some landscaping companies will come and remove the tree and buy it from me. Does anyone have any informtion on this.

started by: Buynfruit · last update: 1256328870 · posted: 1250709438

Will be needing a good security system soon. Any suggestions on who to use?

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