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MY mum who is over 80 would like to go to Fatima in July/August but I wonder if there are any guided/accompanied trip from Lisbon or anywhere on the Linha? (She speaks Portuguese but an accompanied trip would be best). Any suggestions welcome

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Dear members,I am a psychology student from Germany doing an Erasmus year in Lisbon. For my subject Psycometrics I have got the task to do an IQ test (WAIS III, UK version) with three people who are native British and fluent in Englsh. The test would last 2.5h to 3h and is directed to people who are interested in psychological testing and who would like to know their IQ without any commercial matter.If you are interested in participating feel free to reply.

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could someone educate how this is done as intend spending couple of months in lisbon and need a short term contract with vendors providing english channels -do not mind paying installation fees etc but not want to be tied to a 12 month contract-this would be in the lisbon region-can anyone advice please? ..atul

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Retired Elephants - You read it correctly Elephants Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBtFTF2ii7U

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can someone recommend a way to find a furnished apartment in Fatima, without signing a contract? thanks you

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Saw a recent article about illegal downloads and the possibility of having an Internet disconnected if found out. What are your thoughts about this and think this is possible?

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Hi. Does anyone know what the score is with voting in the next election if you're abroad?Do I have to get a postal vote, or can I vote in some other way? And how do I go about registering?

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Is anyone reading this close to the Porto area? Seems most expats live in the central or south, but what about the remainder of the country?

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To celebrate my 70th birthday next year I plan to walk from my home in the Aude to the house in Blackpool, Lancashire, where I was born. Taking 70 days for the walk and arriving at the house of my birth exactly 70 years after the event. I have a blog for interested parties at: http://vicsbigwalk.blogspot.com

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Who is your favourite celebrity chef? Mine is Ramsay, hate his constant cursing though! He is amazing the way he can turn a rundown establishment into a great restaurant business.

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well as you can guess I love Bowie, however my all time favorite rock and roll band has the be the Stones, whats yours? PS. All time greatest track "You Can't Always Get What You Want" from the "Let it Bleed " album released in 1969

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Do you think Chelsea should have fired the coach?I think he did a fairly good work... just had some bad luck at the end. And now Abramovich wants Mourinho back??

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Friday the 13th - lucky or unlucky?

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Looks like the ban will be lifted soon. What do people think about this?

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And quite rightly so !!!! should other leaders have followed suit? The EU should stand together against Mugabe. Jose Manuel Barroso The The EC president has said leaders should be prepared to meet people of whom they disapprove, but Mugabe has committed human rights abuse rigged elections and banned the western media from Zimbabwe. I would have thought this would be an occasion when EU leaders could stand together against human rights abuse.

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Should someone who was condemned for sexually assaulting a 9 year old girl be allowed to teach in Portugal? The school knows but has never done anything. What about the parents of the students ? How would they feel? Leila

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"Europe has emerged from its institutional crisis and with the deal, Europe is showing that the European project is on the move. Now we can look forward to the future with confidence," expressed Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates. Do you agree with this statement?And now all the EU states will need to find the the aproval for this agreement at home.Should the UK use the parlamentary vote or go through a referendum? Do you think that this time all the countries will support this treaty or will we have agian the negative votes of some member States? What do you think it is positive for the UK?Share your opinion!

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