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Hi all, I have recently left Lisbon after living there for two years. I aim to return to Portugal in two years and hope to train and break horses either as a business or as an employee. I have heard that in the near future horse racing may be allowed in Portugal and as I am working towards my trainers licence here in Australia I am definitely eager to establish myself as a reputable trainer if and when the racing industry gets off the ground in Portugal. I know there is some opposition to the horse racing industry in Portugal(mainly from the casino lobby) but my personal opinion is that horse racing in Portugal will not only create jobs but also boost tourism from the growing market of China and the established English and Brazillian tourism market. I would love to hear from anyone who may be involved in trying to establish the industry in Portugal.

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Pet Shop Portugal: Pet Land Shop - Loja de animais online com venda de produtos e acessórios para cães e gatos, onde pode comprar as melhores marcas de ração do mercado. Loja Online e ponto de recolha em Portugal.

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Hello, does anyone know of someone who would like to adopt a dog? They would need to have outdoor space and be in a calm environment with people who have time to spend with him. The dog was rescued a few years ago and is in a loving home but the owners cannot keep him anymore. They don't want to give him to a home where he would not happy. Please contact me for more details. Many thanks

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Hi there,I am travelling this year (female, over 30, non-smoker, friendly), also cat sitting (usually rather longterm, so can provide good references and obviously experience, if needs to be shown) and wanted to make it to Lisbon (for the city and some language learning). Now, I am currently asking around privately, too, as many people prefer recommending cat/pet sitters in person rather than through unknown sources.I would love to hear, if there is anyone/if anyone knows of someone with plans to travel/needs to be abroad for some time, who lives in Lisbon and would like a live-in sitter for the time they are gone. Money aspects are "secondary", so should be a better deal than catteries or professional companies (sitters) by far - and better for the animals, because they stay in their usual homes...Please feel free to tell someone interested about my posting here and get in touch (I suppose that should be possible over the profile, somehow...?).Looking forward to any ideas/contacts!

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Canadians available mid Oct to end of Nov.  2019 for Pet/House Sitting from a few days andlonger. Always free.I am a retired college professor and myhusband is a retired pilot. We will be traveling to Portugal and would love topet sit so we could be close to animals. We have been traveling and living onour sailboat for many years so we have off grid experience.The safety and well being of animals isalways our first concern. We have been involved with animal rescue groups forover 17 years and have fostered and transported hundreds of dogs and cats. Wehave also house/pet sat for several folks in Canada, the US, Mexico, andCentral America. We have excellent references.We are both extremely responsible, reliable,are vegan, non-smokers, and homeowners. We get along well with people, love newexperiences and adapt well to almost any environment. We are both very fit andlove walking and hiking with dogs.

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Hello everyone!! Me, my wife and our dog (dachshund) are moving to Lisbon end of year!! Our little furry friend is excited about the move, but I am worried it is gonna be a big adaptation for us ( dog's are differently received in Portugal then in Germany). Who knows about good dog walkers or places where we put him when we are gone for the day? Any other tips concerning dogs? Nice parks? Good shops!? I like to hear it all! Thank you very much!!! 

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Hi I have a dog Hotel for abandoned dogs  , HappyTails Hotel.I am thinking of branching out and also becoming a boarding kennel.Does anyone have any experience of opening one in Portugal?  Guide lines I have to meet etc...  

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Hi Guys,Can anyone please recommend a great feline vet in the Lisbon area. Currently having a cat with polyps that after surgery keep coming back each two weeks! Want an opinion from a great feline vet. Any recommendations appreciated.Thank you.

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We're in need of a kind and loving cattery or person to look after our cat while we go away for a long weekend. Any others out there who can recommend a nice place for our kitty?

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My husband and I are looking for pet sitting jobs in the area of Cascais, having had experience with various types of animals throughout most of our lives (birds, reptiles, fish and various types of mammals). We're available all week from morning to end of afternoon and can provide multiple types of services, from walking, grooming, feeding your pet, et cetera. Feel free to contact us for more information and we'll try to reply as soon as possible!

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Looking for someone to babysit my dogs, at my house, at weekends.  Might appeal to older teens looking for space away fron the parents?!

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Anybody recommend a pet sitter? I am away for 5 days in September and am looking for someone to visit my cat those days but I am struggling to find a reputable company or person.  Have tried facebook services and local vet but they all said they were fully booked! I am central Lisbon by Graca and dont want to board her as she's anxious kitty. Thanks!

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Last month we decided to purchase 2 Seresto collars for our dogs because our usual flea/tick/mozzie/fly drops were no longer working. After walking our dogs tonight and while brushing, we saw several fleas and tried to catch them. Seresto's initial cost for 2 medium size dogs wasn't cheap, and we were hoping that the 8 month term of the collar would make it a great way to control pests on the dogs while saving money in the long run. Now we don't know what to do.Is anyone else having a problem controlling fleas on their pets? Has anyone found a better solution?

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Hi everyone, we will be moving to portugal in October and are looking for a long term rental that accepts pets. So far we have had very little luck with any of the places that we have enquired about. Does anyone have any advice on this? Thanks in advance, Fiona

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I have a lovely cat who has always had problematic fur - knots, etc. In need of a groomer who can lovingly make my cat the true beauty she is.

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I woud like to bring my dog with me when I visit during the spring. Are there any restrictions about bringing him in? If so, can you provide information about those and what I would need to do, please.

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Anybody Interested in Helping save Horses Poneys,Mules,Donkeys from the Travellers.They have many Horses,Poneys,Mules,Donkeys some young,good age,old,all have nice temperaments,kind,easy to handle,some in good condition some not so good.Most are broken,ride and drive.Very good in traffic.They are very reasonably priced,especially at this time of year.They just need lots of love and care.We have brought some,which you are welcome to come and see,but now we have run out of money,we hope with your help we can rescue and save some more. If anyone is interested in saving any,even just as a pet,companion, or as riding horses,All these animals deserve a chance.Please contact us and we will try and answer all your questions. Thanks

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Can anyone help me understand the mailing system here? Expedited vs other types and any other options would be helpful.

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Anyone else joinging me for this great charity walk? http://lisbon.angloinfo.com/whatson/event/11112/sponsored-dog-walk Should be a lovely day at Parque Natural das Serras de Aire and Candeeiros! Bring your dog and help a dog with a €5 donation.

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Hello, we are thinking of moving to Portugal and wondered if anyone with horses can tell us how easy hay is to buy and what the cost is please? Thanks in anticipation Elaine

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