Cat sitter (preferably longterm) Lisbon wanted?

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Hi there,I am travelling this year (female, over 30, non-smoker, friendly), also cat sitting (usually rather longterm, so can provide good references and obviously experience, if needs to be shown) and wanted to make it to Lisbon (for the city and some language learning). Now, I am currently asking around privately, too, as many people prefer recommending cat/pet sitters in person rather than through unknown sources.I would love to hear, if there is anyone/if anyone knows of someone with plans to travel/needs to be abroad for some time, who lives in Lisbon and would like a live-in sitter for the time they are gone. Money aspects are "secondary", so should be a better deal than catteries or professional companies (sitters) by far - and better for the animals, because they stay in their usual homes...Please feel free to tell someone interested about my posting here and get in touch (I suppose that should be possible over the profile, somehow...?).Looking forward to any ideas/contacts!


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