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The latest news from the Royal British Club Golf Society including placement and prizes can be seen right here: https://www.angloinfo.com/blogs/portugal/lisbon/lisbon-live/the-sun-always-shines-on-golfers/

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We are in search of a blue water capable catamaran that is no more then ten years old. We would like to lease until February 2018 and then purchase, can require some work if needed as long as not major. Be between 40'-50' in length. I am a 63 year old New Zealander hold all charter licenses and marine engineers certificate. I have 40 years experience at sea. Please contact if any of the above is of interest. 

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Hello, I am a swimming instructor from Poland, now I am living in Lisbon. I giving swimming lessons:from the base ( accustoming to the aquatic environment, overcoming fear, learning of styles) improving of technic, speeds, endurancespreparation to a swimming/triathlon competitionsI acquired my experience on long-term own trainings, at sport university in my country and at the work as a swimming instructor. If you want me to help you to achieve your goals, fulfilling the dreams, in addition for the better health and the frame of mind contact me.Remember every age is good one's adventure with swimming! I will share my knowledge with pleasureAleksandra Łukanowska

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A friend and I are participating in Estoril golf pro Gordon Young's "Improver" course and we are seeking two more participants to share the costs. If we can add two more, the cost of the course (550 Euros) is divided by 4 so that each person pays 137.50 Euros for 10 hours of instruction. Note: Gordon's rate for private instruction is 30 Euros per half hour, so this is 1/4 the price of private lessons. The course is divided into five 2-hour segments that we could schedule at a time convenient for all, we're thinking weekday mornings around 9am, but we can accommodate a different day/time.The agenda for the course can be found here, scroll down to the "Improver" part, you can see that it is quite comprehensive: http://golflessonsestoril.com/the-programmes/In any event, please let me know if you're interested in joining us. Also, feel free to pass this along to anyone you know who might consider this.

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Hola,I manage an amateur 11-a-side football team in London and we are planning a trip to Lisbon at the start of June. We would love to organise a game of football with a team from Lisbon and I was hoping somebody might be able to help?We are all 27 years old so would want to play against a team of similar age and ability - we are a decent standard, but not amazing!We would like to play on Saturday 3rd June 2017, preferably in the afternoon - would obviously rely on you to provide a pitch and referee, but would be happy to split any costs.Any information/contact details for  teams in Lisbon would be much appreciated!Thanks,Thomaswww.mertonsocial.com

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Are there any local pools where the public can swim? I live near Av Liberdade, but willing to go by metro to swim if needed.  

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I wonder if someone can tell me whether the Lisbon Casuals are still in being (May 2016) and if so let me have a contact e-mail.  I am particularly interested in the football section so if they still play, a contact for the current captain or organiser would be great.Thanks.

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The latest TOFFS news has arrived with an update from their round at Quinta de Marinha.  Read all about it here: Ed Storms through again

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A new article and photos has just been published on Lisbon Live. Although the day's weather was again, not favourable, it did not keep Tagus members down.For the full read, use this link: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/lisbon-live/2016/04/26/tagus-not-stopped-by-inclement-weather/

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Hi,has anyone fished the castelo de bode or know anything about fishing it?

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A cry we are hearing increasingly finds echo in Keith's very pertinent article. Have a read and let him know your thoughts too: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/golf-in-portugal/ I laughed when I read this sentence.  “One of the reasons we have golf etiquette is to help all of us play 18 holes in less time than it takes to grow a beard.”   

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We will be visiting Lisbon in January for an extended time and have always wanted to learn surfing and paddleboarding. Would there be a specific shop or instructor we should visit for gear and lessons?

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Hi All Anyone know a good place to watch the RWC games in Lisbon? Thanks in advance. 

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Are there any clubs or people here playing American football?  

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My partner has been looking for months now to find a club where he can play football / futsal or table tennis on a friendly basis as he studies at night. Its extremely difficult to find anywhere on line where they need experienced players in the Lisbon area. Does anyone know of a club who are looking for experienced players 

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I am looking for fold up tables. Prefer metal or really good strong plastic. I have seen them being used at flea markets and church fete. Please can anyone help me. I am in the Obidos/Leiria area.

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Lisbon Live has just published the run down of the first outing of the year for TOFFS (The Old Fogies Golfing Society). Head over to TOFFS for the full article and photo.

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I'm told by a friend in Portugal that I can get a fishing license through ATM when I arrive. Is this accurate information? Must I use a specific bank's ATM? Really looking forward to doing some fishing in different areas of your country!

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Happy New Year to you all! I am interested in finding a painting class in Portuguese for two hours a week approx in the Estoril / Cascais area.  Wondered whether anyone of aware of one? Best wishes, MR    

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Any suggested locations for indoor sports activities that are not at pricey clubs?

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