Paula Rego, Secrets And Stories

from Apr 7th 2017 to Sep 17th 2017


Exhibition Hours: Tuesday to 10:00 - 18:00

Film Showing: 8 April 16:00  

Curated by Nick Willing and Catarina Alfaro, the exhibition opens April 7 (18:30 hours) and runs until 17 September, at Casa das Histórias Paula Rego, in Cascais. 

It includes about 80 works (paintings and drawings) by Paula Rego and her husband Victor Willing. It will occupy the seven rooms of the Museum and many of the works will be on display to the public for the first time.

This exhibition is draws, unapologetically, on the intimate and personal record of one of the most important contemporary artists presented in the film Paula Rego, Secrets And Stories, directed by her son and film-maker, Nick Willing. (The film will be shown in the Casa das Histórias, in the presence of its Director, on 8th April at 16:00)


It is through reflection on experiences that the artistic thinking of Paula Rego is built, her life and work being inseparable realities. For this reason it is an exhibition of a biographical nature introducing in the same space references of both memory and identity of the artist. 

Is it that the secrets and stories of Paula Rego revealed through her work are a form of witness accounts by the artist in a creative context — the stories told by a particular piece of art or, more profoundly, are they secrets, in which the art is presented as holding a hidden truth known only to the artist, but is also appropriate to the essential human spirit which is always at the core of her work. 

In addition to her most outstanding work – such as O Pescador, O Crime do Padre Amaro, the Mulher Cão series, the series on abortion or other works never before seen publicly - such as the series on Depression, consisting of 12 works dated 2007 – a number of Paula Rego’s personal items are displayed. These include books from her childhood that became essential references in the development of her figurative narrative, film and photographic documents, as well as works from her own collection and various items from her workshop (scenery, models, figurines), which all contribute to a tangible, current and interactive context for the artist’s creativity.