5 delightful hens and small cockerel

Posted by: Rhian-Bradley-857221 · 1511628386

I am emigrating to the other side of the world and am looking for a 'this week' solution. I live in 53, 1/2 way between Sille le Guillaume and Villaines la Juhel. I have a 'little red hen', a white Sussex (heavily molting at present); a big French Marans and two lovely large grey hens - one dark; one light and a kind-hearted, small cockerel who takes great care of all his wives!. They have been great layers but not at present. Could be weather/change of season, getting older (and of course the molting). They are so pretty, such delightful characters. Here they have a closed barn at night but otherwise are completely free range. If anyone would love them as I have, please let me know by email or leave a message on my answerphone, and I will send photos.  I am in 53, half way between Sille le Guillaume and Villaines la Juhel.