kittens looking for good families

90 euros
Posted by: Marie-Pierre-Proslier-909052 · 1504905154

After rescuing 11 abandoned kittens and looking after them, this couple from the Deux Sèvres have to go abroad at the end of September. The association "Ecole du chat libre caillerot" have stepped in to help. This association, based in la Caillère (in the Vendée), is entirely run by volunteers. They have been rescuing hundreds of stray cats over the years, help organise neutering campaigns, all this thanks to the work of a few volunteers who rely entirely on donations and fund raising events. 

They are making sure that all the kittens will be vaccinated and microchipped, as required by French law. The 90 euros are needed just to cover the cost of vaccinations (Typhus and cat flu) and identification.

The kittens are all males and desperately need good loving homes. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.