Experienced and professional property care supplied by Les Bons Voisins in central Mayenne


Les Bons Voisins property management in central Mayenne provides experienced and professional assistance to property owners in the area.  Steve and Irene Coles, based in St Denis de Gastines, offer a range of services to their clients, allowing them to relax and enjoy the experience of owning a French home without any of the hassle. 

Established in 2002, by someone who had themselves tried to manage their second home from a distance so understood both the requirement and the potential pitfalls, Les Bons Voisins provides a full menu of services from which their clients can select just what they need.  With no high basic charges, our clients are at liberty to pick and choose what they would like us to do, be that care for a much loved family holiday home or to assist in running their property as a business, welcoming guests on holiday, up to and including organising the advertising of the property and responding to enquiries for bookings. 

Our network with more than thirty representatives in France from Calais to Cannes, prides itself on providing exceptional service at competitive prices – trustworthy, friendly, professional, practical and administrative assistance to home-owners in France. With local contacts and language skills, we can find solutions no matter what your problem, and whether that involves project management or basic caretaking, every client is important to us!  

Steve and Irene have several years’ experience in Mayenne and if you have a property in the area, contact them now to see how they may help you.  They cover the area largely south of St Denis de Gastines, from Vitré on the west to Sillé-le-Guillaume in the east, and down to Chemeré-le-Roi.   References and case studies are available!

Call Steve or Irene now for a free no-obligation chat, or view more details on our website.