Business Associations & Networking

The Brouzils Seminars.
Seminars & Workshops programs, a series of small, unique, highly goal-driven, limited-term residency and mentorship programs intended for participants who wish to work in collaboration with accomplished professionals.
Chamber of Commerce - France
The CCI is a network of Chamber of Commerce offices throughout France with each region, department and main city having an office for all business information and contacts. Offers assistance in setting up and registering a business.
Conseil Regional - Loire
Regional administrative body for the Pays de la Loire listing business information and contacts.
ICE Association of the Institution of Civil Engineers
Volunteer-run association, helping arrange events and visits to ongoing engineering projects and social activities.
Tuesday Friends
Informal networking group offering language conversation groups, socialising and friendship through activities including ten pin bowling, T’ai Chi, rambling, poetry appreciation, musical social evenings, lunches and horse riding. In Mayenne (53).
La Cordée Nantes
Co-working space and community in Nantes. Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. At 32bis rue Fouré, Nantes.
Institute of Directors
IoD Frances focus is to support IoD members working, living or doing business in France, creating networking opportunities, promoting good governance and a professional approach to the director role.
HIFX plc
Foreign exchange specialists offering International payments and foreign exchange for both individuals and businesses.
Network aimed at providing support to expat entrepreneurs.
Chamber of Commerce - Loire
The Chamber of Commerce of the Pays de la Loire with offices throughout the region, offering assistance with all business activities and enquries.