Gyms & Fitness Classes

Studio Duo Styl - Sable sur Sarthe (72)
Full gym with the usual facilities and equipment at 30 rue Albert Camus, Sable sur Sarthe (72).
Espace Form - Cholet (49)
Squash courts, gym, sauna and more. At 16 impasse des Grands Jardins, Cholet (49).
Central Form - St Herblain (44)
Heated pools, aqua gym, aqua tonic, sauna and more. See website for more details. At 7 rue Clemence Royer and 14 boulevard Jules Verne in Nantes (44) and Atlantis place Oceane in St Herblain (44).
La Roche Fitness - La Roche sur Yon (85)
Complete gym with usual equipment and cardio workout spaces. At 10 rue Robert Bothereau, La Roche sur Yon (85).
DJ 2000 Gym Centre - Nantes (44)
Aerobic classes, circuit training, martial arts, yoga and more at 54 rue de la Distillerie in Nantes (44).
LAcropole - Chateau Gontier (53)
Fitness and cardio workouts. Personalised training and diet plan. At 5 rue Alexandre Fournier in Chateau Gontier (53).
LAcropole - Laval (53)
Fitness and cardio workouts. Personalised training and diet plan. At 11 rue du Dome, Laval (53).
Gym Center - Angers (49)
Full gym with machines and free weights. Cardio workout and classes in French. At 24 boulevard Marchal Foch, Angers (49).
Physic Form - Angers (49)
Full service gym with cardio workout spaces and training in French. Sauna and pool for aqua gym. At 18 place Monprofit, Angers (49).
Oceane Gym - Le Mans (72)
Gym with machines and free weights and a cardio workout area. At 5 rue Thomas Edison, Le Mans (72).
Espace Gym El-Roueily - Mayenne (53)
Full service gym and cardio circuit workouts at 46 rue Terras, Mayenne (53).
Nancy West - RLSS UK Approved Training Provider
Become an RLSS UK Lifeguard, with the aid of the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification. For upcoming courses please e-mail or phone for details
Fitness First - St Herblain (44)
Personal training and a variety of classes including pilates and step at this gym in boulevard Salvador Allende, Atlantis Le Centre, St Herblain (44).
Espace Form - Les Sables dOlonne (85)
Squash, gym, sauna and personal training at boulevard du Souvenir Francais, , Port Olona, Les Sables dOlonne (85).
Fitness Forme - Lucon (85)
Full gym with all the usual equipment and a cardio workout area. At ZA 3 Fontaines, rue des Bles dOr, Lucon (85).
Yoga Vendee
Practical and beneficial yoga classes, open to everyone of all ages and levels of fitness. Gentle, but challenging classes for beginners and mixed ability classes for people with experience.
Body Coach - Nantes (44)
Modern gym at 54 boulevard Jean XXIII in Nantes (44).
Anjou Pilates
Qualified Pilates Coach, classes available for all levels. Located at 1 Rue David dAngers. Wednesday: 10am-10:50, Thursday: 18:30-19:30 and Saturday: 11:00 also offer Ante/ Post Natal
Sport Club Oceanis (44)
Sports centre with 200 metre swimming pool, cardio training, sauna, squash and fitness classes at 14 rue de lEtoile du Matin, St Nazaire (44).
Mister Coach - Laval (53)
Small gym offering the usual gym facilities at 14 rue de Paris, Laval (53).
Amazonia - Laval (49), Cholet (49), Laval (53)
Clubs in Angers (49), Cholet (49) and Laval (53). Open all year round. Full service gyms with the usual facilities.
Urban Fitness Club - Laval (53)
Full service gym with cardio workouts, machines and free weights. Sauna, UV station, health bar and two squash courts. At 64 rue Henri Batard, Laval (53).