Health, Medical Insurance & Mutuelle

CIGNA provides international health insurance plans for you and your family. We provide comprehensive core cover, and the flexibility of adding as many extra benefits as you want, ensuring a plan perfectly tailored to your needs
Aetna International
Private medical and health insurance products for expats of all nationalities.
SwissLife - Veron, Philippe
Pension plans, health and home insurance at 124 avenue Division Leclerc, Chateau Gontier Bazouges (53).
Agence Eaton French Insurance
English speaking team providing Insurance services to English speaking clients throughtout France
Cabinet Haloche
Medical insurance cover. At 1 rue Louis Bleriot, Ernee (53).
Amariz Ltd
Health, loss of earnings and life/invalidity products available to any person resident in Europe, in Frances Overseas Departments and Territories or in Madagascar, whatever their nationality.
Indigo Expatriate Medical Insurance
International private medical insurance designed for expatriates living in France. Worldwide coverage with a 24 hour toll free helpline available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
Aon Insurance for Expatriates
Information and quotes in English for vehicle, property, removals and childrens school insurance. Personal accident and health insurance in France.
Independent broker which specialises in international health insurance plans for people living or working abroad.
Exeter Family Friendly
Private medical insurance and international health plans with a range of levels and flexible options.
Exclusive Healthcare
French company specialising in health insurance for English speakers living in France.
Cabinet Brindos Conseils
Independant insurance broker in Gorron (53).
English-speaking French insurance broker, offering a wide range of benefits for your insurance in France,health, car, home, travel, motor & specific insurances for all needs.
SwissLife Aldric, Girard
All types of insurance policies at 57 avenue Bollee, Le Mans (72).
SwissLife Healthcare Insurance
Provide top up health, home, car, retirement plan and life insurance cover for expats living in France. British staff covering all of France.
HealthCare International
International health and medical insurance for expats and travellers including income protection and life cover.
BUPA International
Provider of international expatriate health insurance, supplying individual and group medical cover to people who are in their home country or expatriates living and working abroad.
Private Health Partnership
Assistance and information on local health facilities, advice on difference schemes and selection of cover, review of costs and benefits plus ongoing advice.