Lawyers, Notaires & Legal Advice

Gauthier Blandel-Bejermi Martineau-Fondin
Avocats specialising in family, criminal, employment, commercial, land and rural affairs. 10 rue Antoine de Condorcet, Saint Nazaire (44).
Sean OConnor & Co.
UK based bilingual solicitors specialising in French contracts, planning permission, inheritance, taxation, litigation and off plan sales.
Maitre Alain Laforgue
English speaking lawyer dealing with Company and Commercial Law and International Private Law.
Les Juristes Associes du Maine
Avocats specialising in business and social law with offices at 2 rue de la Coulee, Saint Pavace (72).
Trapu, Stephanie
Avocat specialising in family, criminal and civil law at 62 rue Verdun, La Roche sur Yon (85).
Turner & Co.
Independent legal advice on all matters relating to France including property sale and purchase, company formation, inheritance advice, residential and commercial leases. Based in Birmingham, UK.
Cabinet Marcel & Marcel
English speaking general avocats with offices at 39 quai Sadi Carnot in Laval (53).
SCP Benoit Alain
English speaking avocat specialising in family, rural, criminal civil and property law. Offices at 25 rue des Marais, Le Mans (72).
Opalegal Limited
All aspects of English and French law for purchasers and owners of property in France. UK based.
Maitre Mickaelle Verdier
English speaking lawyer dealing in Company and Commercial, Conveyancing Residential Properties, General Litigation, Personal, Accident Claims, Property Development, Criminal law and Family law. Can also practice in Angers and Tours
Maitre Raoul Mestre
English speaking lawyer dealing with Company and Commercial, Conveyancing Residential Property, Family law-Child Abduction, Litigation, Personal Accident Claims, Property Development and Criminal law
Tees Solicitors
UK based solicitors specialising in French property transactions and inheritance, with in house French avocat. Consultant Charles Davey, barrister, author of "The Complete Guide to Buying Property in France".
Tax, legal, consulting and accounting services are offered by this international firm.
Communities Law Society International
UK based international lawyers, solicitors and advocates. Advice on French property purchases.
Guellec-Digby & Co Solicitors
UK based independent legal advice on French property issues and inheritance.
Anglo French Investigations
English speaking detective and professional investigator.