Pharmacies, Medical Supplies & Services

Hopital Chateau du Loir
Full service general hospital at 5 allee Saint Martin, Chateau du Loir (72). For emergencies dial 15.
Planet Sante
Excellent website regarding medical services and throughout the Loire region. Complete search engine for health professionals, hospitals, clinics, opticians, emergency services. In French only.
Centre Hospitalier de Saumur
General hospital at route de Fontevraud, Saumur (49). For emergencies dial 15.
Centre Hospitalier Nord Mayenne
General hospital at 229 boulevard Paul Lintier, Mayenne (53). For emergencies dial 15.
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire dAngers
University hospital at 4 rue Larrey, Angers (49). For emergencies dial 15.
Centre Hospitalier du Haut Anjou
Full service general hospital at 1 quai du Docteur Georges Lefevre, Chateau Gontier (53). For emergencies dial 15.
Hearing aid repair shop that deal with all makes and models of hearing aid. Deliver internationally.
Orthopedie Altermatt
Shop selling orthopaedic products including beds, wheelchairs and mobility aids at 16 rue Auguste Gautier, Angers (49).
Hopital Local St Alexandre
Small, local, full service general hospital at 14 route de Poitiers, Mortagne sur Sevre (85).
Shop selling personal mobility products including wheelchairs, walking aids and beds at 25 rue Hoche, Angers (49).
Centre Hospitalier Mamers
Full service local general hospital at route du Mesle, Mamers (72).
Air Pays de la Loire
Independent website monitoring the quality of air in the entire region of the Loire with daily indicators and tables for info or trip planning.
Observatoire Regional de la Sante
Excellent website on the state of health in the region, the services available and a complete run down of information for the health sector. Lists of hospital locations, clinics and specialist health centres. In French only.