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Gastroscopy need help 9 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi I need  help I was supposed togo to hospital 2 years ago for an Endoscopy but the last time I had it d
started by: muffy1 · last update: 1521717568 · posted: 1517664749
lift to airport 0 General
i will be traveling to pick up at Dinard airport on the 24th April as the trains are on strike that day the route w
started by: charlie-seymour-912955 · last update: 1521549241 · posted: 1521549241
How can I delete my account? 0 AngloINFO Support
Hi, Can someone please tell me how I delete my account? There is no information whatsoever and it is frustrati
started by: Epigenis88 · last update: 1521488461 · posted: 1521488461
started by: marlborough-641218 · last update: 1521481186 · posted: 1521474387
Hard working gardener 3 General
anyone know a good  serious gardener, we require a complete clearance. email [email protected]
started by: markm-640918 · last update: 1521390775 · posted: 1521317747
landrover to be delivered to pontivy 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
i have a French registered Discovery with no CT i need to get it to Pontivy from Plymouth, is anybody going back wi
started by: talbotracer-635457 · last update: 1521280368 · posted: 1519406616
Open Mic Night - Notre Dame du Touchet (50140) 0 Entertainment
The next Open Mic Night at Le Viking, Notre Dame du Touchet, 50140 is tomorrow - Saturday 17th March starting at 8p
started by: pontaubray · last update: 1521203776 · posted: 1521203776
Smartexpat 8 General
I see we are having yet another revamp of the scene, called "SMARTEXPAT", I suspect a lot of the numpties will not
started by: hughnique · last update: 1521184743 · posted: 1519147681
Please delete my account 2 AngloINFO Support
Can anyone please DELETE my account? I frustratingly found no other way of doing it myself.
started by: Something · last update: 1520957865 · posted: 1520939092
cold callers at your door, roof cleaning 4 Home & Garden
You may  not get these, but be on the look out. Worse ones are the guys that appear with their little blue van
started by: ozfrog2 · last update: 1520493394 · posted: 1519129600
Looking for anglophone friends! 2 Entertainment
I'm a 21 year old student and for the second half of my year abroad I am working in Laval. I live in one of the Hab
started by: Hannah-Smith-923856 · last update: 1520437265 · posted: 1519987339
Amazon Kindle Books - Apparent new restriction... 11 Entertainment
We are avid readers, my preference is to own and read books in digital format (Kindle)We have both UK and FR Kindle
started by: SeaBee49 · last update: 1519984633 · posted: 1519460987
Open Mike 0 General
Open Mike at The Red Lion,Desertine this Sunday 4th March 3pm onward come along show off your talent
started by: marmaduke-629551 · last update: 1519745437 · posted: 1519745437
Bemoaning construction tradesmen 0 General
I have been following with interest a recent topic concerning a poster's problem regarding unfinished work by a tra
started by: jamwell57-643156 · last update: 1519294555 · posted: 1519294555
Scrap vehicle 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Need to scrap uk registered car how do i do this are there scrap yards in mayenne area will they scrap uk car. Any
started by: Christina-Chapman-923022 · last update: 1519290167 · posted: 1519243137
Nuisance cold callers 4 AngloINFO Support
Same old problem, it disappeared for ages but is now back with a vengeance. Just sit down for dinner and the unknow
started by: stevelogan · last update: 1519129372 · posted: 1486117393
lowlife thief 15 General
Hi Everyone ,  thank you very much for your kind words and help , I have informed the police and been and repo
started by: floweringcherry · last update: 1519118124 · posted: 1518175813
Rental Property required 3-6 months - Vendee. 0 Home & Garden
Does anyone know the best place to find a rental property? We’ve been searching all over the Internet without muc
started by: Trudie-Dadd-908790 · last update: 1518982099 · posted: 1518982099
OPEN MIC NIGHT -Notre Dame du Touchet 0 Entertainment
The next Open Mic Night in the function room of Le Viking , Notre Dame du Touchet, 50140   is on Saturday
started by: pontaubray · last update: 1518343056 · posted: 1518343056
stolen trailer 1 General
Hi to everyone ,  I have just returned from holiday to find i have had a lowlife lump of shit THIEF at my hous
started by: floweringcherry · last update: 1518114874 · posted: 1518015057