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satellite internet discussions 0 Home & Garden Started by: andre-le dantec-865637 · Updated: 1627117737 · Created: 1627117737
Social/sports cycling 0 Sport & Leisure Started by: villeneuve-642374 · Updated: 1626513981 · Created: 1626513981
Hi,Could anyone help with contact names for local social/sports cycle groups in an area of Domfront - Ambrieres - Gorron
Tree Surgeon needed or someone who can cut... 3 Home & Garden Started by: millennia2668-543280 · Updated: 1625497787 · Created: 1623978135
I am looking for a tree surgeon or a gardener who has the equipment to cut down a massive hedge. I have 21m of Leylandii
Advice on how to choose a primary school... 1 Families & Kids Started by: Stan-Tay-997322 · Updated: 1624788681 · Created: 1624609102
Hello, my two children and I might be moving to Angers in one month. They will be in Moyenne Section (only speaks Englis
Problems caused by Brexit and Covid 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Yvonne-Beever-995791 · Updated: 1622722931 · Created: 1622722931
Solar Panels Selling House 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Potterer · Updated: 1621432553 · Created: 1621432553
I am selling my house which has solar panels installed. My contract with EDF has 10 years to run and I get about 1800 Eu
How to sell a house on le bon coin or similar... 2 Home & Garden Started by: Emily-Clark-980466 · Updated: 1621002197 · Created: 1609843747
We would like to sell our house online and wondered what the process is? Do we need to follow the strict rules that are
SWIMMING POOL CONTRACTOR PROBLEMS 1 Home & Garden Started by: SUZAN · Updated: 1620985782 · Created: 1607473392
Hi, I would be very glad for some advice, please. I recently had a pool done at my house in Western France. It did not g
Moving to France 2 General Started by: markm-640918 · Updated: 1619886283 · Created: 1617361948
has anyone had any experience of moving this year please, we are finally ready to move, but so much info out there that
Plasterer Required 0 General Started by: LePaul-538311 · Updated: 1615447004 · Created: 1615447004
I am looking for a plasterer to render the outside of a property. Code Postal 41400. Please message me.
House sold but now question re boiler annual... 0 General Started by: chiffon2 · Updated: 1614448982 · Created: 1612873000
Hi AllLooking for a bit of advice please. We sold our house in October 2020 (after five years on the market). We are no
Looking for Enid and Chris 0 General Started by: MovingOnUp-636041 · Updated: 1608759501 · Created: 1608759501
We met in 2015 when you, Enid, brought a 'small black dog' over to us. I just want you to know that the 'small black dog
English Speaking Doctor Gorron, Mayenne,... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Marcelline-Simonotti-978841 · Updated: 1607959724 · Created: 1607959724
I am needing a Doctor in any of these areas who speaks English,can anybody recommend an English speaking doctor in the G
insuring classic cars that are in bits! 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: PennyH-642870 · Updated: 1605883954 · Created: 1605522683
My husband has several classic cars, TR's mainly, but they are all in bits, having been dismantled to renovate. How can
Renewal of plastic driver's licence 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: onthegin-639378 · Updated: 1603183764 · Created: 1585174616
What do I need in order to renew my plastic driver's licence? How do I do it and where do I send it to in Manche? Mine i
Insects and 'mushrooms' 1 Home & Garden Started by: Claire-Snook-967866 · Updated: 1601309403 · Created: 1596794564
Hello everyone. I am praying that someone here can help me! My husband and I have finally found our dream home in the no
French teacher 0 General Started by: tornado-946260 · Updated: 1599748276 · Created: 1599748276
Im looking for someone to teach me French around the Chateaubriant area
emmaus 3 General Started by: bryndale-436291 · Updated: 1599665154 · Created: 1394047466
anyone know when emmaus Laval is open ,if so what hours and is emmaus Le Mans the same,thanks in advance if you can help
Liqueue chambord 0 Food & Drink Started by: mayennaise-626335 · Updated: 1599664771 · Created: 1243450395
Please has anyone managed to buy this black raspberry liqueur in France? If so, where?
An annoying neighbour 0 Financial & Legal Started by: That dog of mine · Updated: 1598127492 · Created: 1598127492
Hi I’m just looking for some advice on how I can proceed in order to get a neighbour to essentially leave me and my wi