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Fosse smell 8 Home & Garden
MOH keeps on about the smell from the fosse vent, so can anyone give me a lead as to where to obtain some sort of f
started by: stevelogan · last update: 1502811368 · posted: 1502614192
Open Mic Night - Notre Dame du Touchet (50) 0 Entertainment
My next Open Mic Night in the function room of Bar le Viking in Notre Dame du Touchet (50) is this Saturday, 1
started by: pontaubray · last update: 1502778135 · posted: 1502778135
Changing location 5 AngloINFO Support
How do I change my account from Brittany to Pays de la Loire where I now live? 
started by: ria formosa · last update: 1502716522 · posted: 1502530839
SATELLITE DISH 1 Home & Garden
Can anyone tell me what size satellite dish I need for Maine et Loire and where to get one from? Thanks.
started by: ria formosa · last update: 1502559106 · posted: 1502530532
Cost of an operation. 6 AngloINFO Support
My wife needs a knee replacement operation.  We have CPAM cover but not mutuelle and would like to know how mu
started by: Potterer · last update: 1502536921 · posted: 1502293761
A SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY(Back to the 1940's) 2 Entertainment
After the success of our show last year SPOTLIGHT on BROADWAY,  we have  a new production  on S
started by: pontaubray · last update: 1502493255 · posted: 1498762022
Secret Stripes 0 Entertainment
Return vist of The Secret Stripes ,playing at The Red Lion ,Desertine tomorrow night Saturday 12/08/17 come along a
started by: marmaduke-629551 · last update: 1502463108 · posted: 1502463108
Staub motor spares (mini rotavator) 1 Home & Garden
Hi, my names Ron, iv'e been with Angloinfo for some time now but never used the discussions page. I would like to k
started by: Ron -Gregory-906843 · last update: 1502283938 · posted: 1502271743
Lead Guitarist 2 General
Looking for guitarist to play with .Just started  playing  Bass Guitar ,just simple stuff ,ZZ Top ,ACDC ,
started by: girtin-898531 · last update: 1501969459 · posted: 1501091051
Airport chaos for the British 3 General
I have just been reading the press regarding the misery of the British holiday makers at europe's airport. We have
started by: hussar · last update: 1501704691 · posted: 1501660905
Open Mike Night 0 Entertainment
Open Mike Night this Saturday 5th August at The Red Lion, Desertine come along show off your talent or enjoy
started by: marmaduke-629551 · last update: 1501604077 · posted: 1501604077
Electrician and carpenter needed 0 General
This is in Caen , I have a flat that needs its fuse box changed and a doors too large for the door frame to close.p
started by: Annwaddy · last update: 1501589717 · posted: 1501589715
bulk sand 0 Home & Garden
Hi,Please does anyone know where we can buy sand in bulk, ? a quarry? around the Villaines du Juhles /Mayenne/Aleco
started by: alison-stacey-906031 · last update: 1501355017 · posted: 1501355017
Simple computer question 1 General
How do I put an icon on my desktop for a secific web page.?
started by: Davey1200-433468 · last update: 1501072004 · posted: 1500908511
Topsoil Wanted 1 General
In need of some topsoil if any body has any available.Ideally within a few km. of SOUCE 53300.Please PM me if you c
started by: jamwell57-643156 · last update: 1500988703 · posted: 1500904679
Open Mic Night - Notre Dame du Touchet 0 Entertainment
My next Open Mic Night in the function room of Bar Le Viking, Notre Dame du Touchet (50) is  this Saturda
started by: pontaubray · last update: 1500809574 · posted: 1500809574
Caravans laws in france 5 Financial & Legal
started by: Queen of hearts · last update: 1500791350 · posted: 1500582566
Metal signs for house names 2 Home & Garden
Hi all.  Does anyone know where we can get a sign made up to go on the road outside our house? IWe are looking
started by: Ned_Seagoon(72) · last update: 1500272402 · posted: 1500192635
transport needed 1 General
hello is there anyone coming over from Poole/Portsmouth with enough space in their car/vanto carry 4 dining chairs
started by: Le Emigrie · last update: 1500064653 · posted: 1500044656
Import tax 5 Financial & Legal
Hi a friend is moving to france and bring his own furniture the removal company have told him he will need to pay i
started by: nicosan · last update: 1499494516 · posted: 1499204823