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Craft group in South Vendée 0 Sport & Leisure
A new craft group is starting in south Vendée! Learn or share new skills over a cup of tea and cake, once a month
started by: ROS MCLEAN · last update: 1508667495 · posted: 1508616613
Carte sejour permanent 9 Financial & Legal
Has anyone successfully applied for, and got a Carte sejour permanent valid for 10 yrs from Laval.  If so just
started by: AnyaJ · last update: 1508344186 · posted: 1507634514
Topping a meadow - microtractor hire or contractor 0 General
Does anyone know of anyone in NW 79 or NE 85 or SW 49 who either hires microtractors and toppers or provides agricu
started by: Dennis-Diogenes-901492 · last update: 1508343917 · posted: 1508343917
moving to dordogne 4 General
we are looking to relocate from the vendee and would like to move to where there is a community of english speaking
started by: rayvivc · last update: 1508328692 · posted: 1497091354
Removal 0 General
We are looking for a removal company to move us from Mayenne region to Saumur region. Can anyone help please?i
started by: jane-doe-861844 · last update: 1508091470 · posted: 1508091470
Open Mic Night - Notre Dame du Touchet (50) 0 Entertainment
Open Mic Night is in the function room of Le Viking restaurant this Saturday, 14th October 2017  starting at 8
started by: pontaubray · last update: 1507707032 · posted: 1507707032
Taxe d'habitation 4 Financial & Legal
We have owned our maison secondaire for 7 years and have blithely paid our two taxe d'habitation bills every year,
started by: mavis cruet-636821 · last update: 1507486156 · posted: 1507141283
LHD Headlamps 8 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I'm trying to source a pair of LHD headlamps for our Freelander Series 1 prior to registering it here. I've been to
started by: Gemma-Pell-854551 · last update: 1507307670 · posted: 1506370593
Manure wanted 0 Home & Garden
I am looking for somebody in the Villaines-la-Juhel area who has some free horse manure I can collect at the end of
started by: alison-stacey-906031 · last update: 1507237445 · posted: 1507237445
Drummer 0 Entertainment
Wanted dead or alive drummer for small band Gorron area influences 60's onward got the drums if needed just need th
started by: marmaduke-629551 · last update: 1506933799 · posted: 1506933799
Open Mike 0 General
Open Mike at The Red Lion,Desertine, Sunday 8th Oct from 2:30 onwards all welcome please note change of day
started by: marmaduke-629551 · last update: 1506932349 · posted: 1506932349
Bank account 6 Financial & Legal
Any pointers for bank account, I am getting peed off with CA not only 5.50€ a month but then another annual fee f
started by: stevelogan · last update: 1506697851 · posted: 1506525285
Central heating engineer 3 General
Can anyone recommend a heating engineer to service our boiler?  The last guy installed a new bruleur and
started by: fea · last update: 1506595880 · posted: 1506522988
Higher Prices 3 Food & Drink
Is it me or has the cost of food gone up quite a lot in the past year, I seem to be paying about 50 cents more for
started by: Sarah CW · last update: 1506334817 · posted: 1506272770
how to edit a post on angloinfo 3 General
please can somebody tell me how to edit a post on angloinfo.  Dont' like this new format and so haven't used i
started by: dandalina · last update: 1506319939 · posted: 1506248446
Residence secondaire tax 2 Financial & Legal
We have owned property in France for 17 years but only recently (2years) moved to the Vendee.  We have  n
started by: takahe48 · last update: 1506154989 · posted: 1504171058
LHD Cars 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Just having a browse through Autotrader at what was available LHD and it appears that the prices are over and
started by: stevelogan · last update: 1506092782 · posted: 1506008539
Electric Cooker 0 Home & Garden
Electric  cooker with working oven wanted, general condition unimportant.
started by: slide player · last update: 1506014978 · posted: 1506014978
house move 2 Financial & Legal
I guess many know 'Shiply' website which allows transport companies to bid on a shipment. Does anyone know any othe
started by: loadeddice3-638548 · last update: 1505987215 · posted: 1303465394
rain fall and sewage are in the same pipe 7 Financial & Legal
We have lived in the house 9 years with no problems. After the hot summer and then a monsoon of a storm the drain b
started by: Paulette 395 · last update: 1505834074 · posted: 1505581664