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pension and Tax 11 Financial & Legal
Can anyone help, We are planning to take early retirement at 55 and would like to live in Charente, if we have a...
started by: Karen-Malcolm-898961 · last update: 1495617507 · posted: 1495374357
MAIN RESIDENCE 7 Financial & Legal
started by: rayvivc · last update: 1495579422 · posted: 1495104699
Warning about PAC's 8 General
A very good French friend of ours, with two children, has just lost her companion to cancer, and has just been a...
started by: Davey1200-433468 · last update: 1495491867 · posted: 1493743781
Open Mic Night-Sat 20th May 0 Entertainment
I run an Open Mic Night in the function room of a bar in the Notre Dame du Touchet (50)  area, this Saturda...
started by: pontaubray · last update: 1494966488 · posted: 1494966488
filling in online tax form 0 Financial & Legal
Thanks but we have now succeeded on getting onto our internet revenus 2016 account, so our question is superfluo...
started by: tiger-635726 · last update: 1494164095 · posted: 1494164095
Revenue Fiscal de reference 0 Financial & Legal
Where is the Revenue Fiscal reference no found. we cant  find the 2015 Declaration  Preremplie Revenus...
started by: tiger-635726 · last update: 1494158925 · posted: 1494158925
on line tax declaration completion 2017 2 Financial & Legal
started by: tiger-635726 · last update: 1494156860 · posted: 1494154309
Help needed 0 Home & Garden
As we are both getting less able we need some help around the garden and home. Is someone out there that is look...
started by: mollycodle. · last update: 1494079438 · posted: 1494079438
Missing Girl 2 General
Just sharing this...Missing for several weeks...possibly now in Pontivy area....please keep an eye out
started by: tinkatonk · last update: 1494065047 · posted: 1493841248
Renting 0 General
Has anyone got knowledge on where to look for renting. We know where we want to be. Around Guerande, St Naziere,...
started by: Elly1951 · last update: 1493830741 · posted: 1493830741
Removals 2 General
Hi, this is my first time on this site. We plan to relocate within the next 12 months and would just like some i...
started by: Karen-Malcolm-898961 · last update: 1493672448 · posted: 1493594026
Open Mike Night 0 Entertainment
Open Mike Night at The Red Lion Desertine Saturday 6th May 7:30 come show off your talent everybody welcome
started by: marmaduke-629551 · last update: 1493632902 · posted: 1493632902
Insurance cancellation period 5 Financial & Legal
Can anyone help me please? I have read and been advised by various people/agencies of the notice period one must...
started by: Colin Pond · last update: 1493568969 · posted: 1493375947
english speaking clergyman ? 4 General
we are planning to have our wedding vows renewed next year here in france, does anyone know of an english speaki...
started by: dick-626372 · last update: 1493224830 · posted: 1493144948
Moving to France with 3 children 11 Families & Kids
I plan to move my family to France in 2019 for a year. We do not want to leave our life in the UK completely, but w...
started by: Victoria-Albrighton-897924 · last update: 1493155771 · posted: 1492450574
Costs for the VISA card in French banks 1 Financial & Legal
Hello,I wondrer to ask what is the normal per-month payment fees for maintaining of VISA card ...
started by: Gleb87 · last update: 1492615539 · posted: 1492611921
Pet Sitter Required 0 General
Pet Sitter required to loik after 3 dogs and 3 cats in mid-May.  Area 61.  Please email if ibterested ...
started by: Brewitt-632895 · last update: 1492460988 · posted: 1492460988
Renting apartments in Angers 2 General
Dear all,From the beginning of the July I shall be living in Angers for a period matching dura...
started by: Gleb87 · last update: 1492085343 · posted: 1492008783
Gardener wanted near Loupfougeres 0 Home & Garden
Looking for a gardener to maintain (mainly WEED) a holiday house near to Loupfougeres. At least twice a month from ...
started by: Lesley-Humphries-897627 · last update: 1492032168 · posted: 1492032168
Data only sim card 4 Financial & Legal
I hope this is the right place to post.  Not really financial, but nothing else fits.  I have just bou...
started by: capricorn-637420 · last update: 1491747677 · posted: 1491721191
No carte grise 7 Cars, Bikes & Driving
There is a guy selling a 1969 Jaguar Series 1 locally but it has no carte grise. It's a worthwhile restorationmp...
started by: Cobretti350 · last update: 1491566627 · posted: 1491494346
Delete account please 2 AngloINFO Support
Can you please delete my account because I am not planning to use it. Thank you in advance.
started by: Davor-Cipric-896813 · last update: 1491559718 · posted: 1490963355
St Georges Day Fete La Rouaudiere (53390... 0 Entertainment
This is the 12th year this village fete has been going and to date it has raised over 20, ooo euros for the...
started by: Calendargirl · last update: 1491412512 · posted: 1491412512
British tv in Vendee 8 General
Can some one point me in the right direction as to what angle and what degree my satellite dish should be fac...
started by: jamaker · last update: 1491371844 · posted: 1490815908
National Tax Office 1 Financial & Legal
Does anyone have an email contact for a national tax office dealing with fraud/non payment? Many thanks.
started by: ianf-629091 · last update: 1491043819 · posted: 1491014169
Gardeners wanted near la caillere 1 Home & Garden
started by: kieran-634683 · last update: 1490909855 · posted: 1490887871
English support 9 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi all, I am looking for a (professional, paid) help with my move to France ( near Mayenne) I am a very specific...
started by: Michaela-C-895070 · last update: 1490887241 · posted: 1489012209
Open Mike night 0 Entertainment
Open Mike / music night The Red Lion,Desertine this Saturday 1st April everybody welcome 8pm
started by: marmaduke-629551 · last update: 1490737374 · posted: 1490737374
Car to give away or for a few euros 6 General
Hi Everyone,Would anyone be interested in a Citroen Saxo, petrol right hand drive, just over 100,000 mile...
started by: caroliner-640514 · last update: 1490023405 · posted: 1489838590
The weather in the region. 2 General
Hello, could someone tell me what the weather is like from January to December. I would be grateful if someone l...
started by: Elly1951 · last update: 1489851440 · posted: 1489770849
transport needed ????????? 1 General
Hello there is there anyone coming over from the Herefordshire area with enough space to bring ...
started by: Le Emigrie · last update: 1489536195 · posted: 1489433804
Open Mic Night - Notre Dame du Touchet (... 0 Entertainment
My next Open Mic Night in Le Viking Bar in Notre Dame du Touchet  (50) is this saturday , 18th M...
started by: pontaubray · last update: 1489421182 · posted: 1489421182
Delete account 3 General
started by: Bayview · last update: 1489325192 · posted: 1489141534
Stuff my goose 2 Food & Drink
I have heard of a, normally, Yuletide feast involving several birds of varying sizes all stuffed in to one anoth...
started by: stevelogan · last update: 1489149208 · posted: 1488918000
holiday 0 Sport & Leisure
has anyone got a gite in the vendee near the coast ( walking distance) for two adults and two children for one w...
started by: robertjohn-119415 · last update: 1489005731 · posted: 1488989617
Celebrity cookery courses 0 Food & Drink
Hi, We are running some great celebrity cookery courses with john Torode, Jean Christophe Novelli ...
started by: Matt-clark-894865 · last update: 1488988478 · posted: 1488988478
hay and straw wanted 0 Pets & Animals
Hi looki...
started by: LisaB-10063082 · last update: 1488797642 · posted: 1488797642
Inheritance law 7 Financial & Legal
Recently we saw the Notaire to make our wills subject to English law.  He has drawn up a statement for us t...
started by: tiger-635726 · last update: 1488401663 · posted: 1487706800
Open Mike Night 0 Entertainment
Red Lion,Desertine,Open Mike Night this Saturday 4th March everyone welcome 8pm.
started by: marmaduke-629551 · last update: 1488386085 · posted: 1488386085
Gite Changeover Vacancy 0 General
Hello, we have a property near Gennes approx 10 miles from Saumur and we are looking for a couple to manage gite...
started by: kprp41 · last update: 1488208111 · posted: 1488208111
Naturalisation 4 General
Just wondering if anyone has been through the naturalisation process.  Have you had an interivew?  Wha...
started by: pony1 · last update: 1488028055 · posted: 1486581515
Transport from lancashire to mayenne 3 General
Does anyone know of a cheap transporter to bring over 2 sofa's from Lancashire?
started by: leslie14 · last update: 1488011907 · posted: 1486474937
Long distance move within France. 2 General
Hello!If anyone could recommend a reliable moving company. Preferably a private moving company (one man, ...
started by: speakenglishwithme · last update: 1488011756 · posted: 1487323334
Steve Hallam, Finistere Property Service... 1 General
Does anyone have contact details for Steve Hallam please?
started by: Clementine-626359 · last update: 1487673276 · posted: 1486373541
Whats this "following" 7 General
Being a virgin regarding these technical jargon things, what does it mean if on your profile someone is "followi...
started by: stevelogan · last update: 1487585844 · posted: 1487491586
Huge wine price hike 3 Food & Drink
Has there been some sort of disaster in the wine industry ?? Super U at Longue were selling and have been for se...
started by: stevelogan · last update: 1487274566 · posted: 1487239122
How to sell table and chairs 4 General
Looking to sell an oak table and ten chairs bought new ten years ago. Approximately 2 metres long and has two de...
started by: Jean-Johnson-893295 · last update: 1487242227 · posted: 1487064158
Goats Milk 3 Food & Drink
Anyone know where I can buy Goats Milk maybe  direct or from a supermarket .
started by: christina1956-430591 · last update: 1486883125 · posted: 1486665702
Resonator 0 Entertainment
Hi peeps, looking at getting a reasonably priced resonator, can anyone recommend a particular make / model with ...
started by: slide player · last update: 1486819255 · posted: 1486819255
English speaking vets in the DOMFRONT ar... 4 Pets & Animals
Hi, I have a holiday home near DOMFRONT and have recently bought two puppies. They have all their vaccinations a...
started by: Angie-Manton-892604 · last update: 1486408725 · posted: 1486288519