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Coeliac disease 6 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Is there anyone on the forum who is registered with CPAM for this?  My Dr is very unaware of anything to do wi
started by: AnyaJ · last update: 1498219057 · posted: 1497877590
honey bees 3 Home & Garden
i have a honey bee nest in my chimney. any one have any help or advice. thanks
started by: dylanlucy · last update: 1498143520 · posted: 1498047416
Books free to good home 0 General
We have a very large quantity of English language books, which we are offering free to a good home (or homes). &nbs
started by: lazybones-639125 · last update: 1498052386 · posted: 1498052385
CoC 15 Cars, Bikes & Driving
HiBeen discussed numerous times, but i cannot access it through new AI format.I want to register my UK Volvo over h
started by: jamwell57-643156 · last update: 1497995682 · posted: 1497526151
New Business 14 Home & Garden
Hi, I've just started a new garden business, cutting lawns, hedges, gardening etc. I use to have my own business ba
started by: Goodgirl-863904 · last update: 1497941636 · posted: 1497454456
Insuring a car in France 10 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi All, we are going to move to France in September - can you advise who / how to insure our cars there? We will be
started by: Maison Mimosa · last update: 1497336292 · posted: 1496833094
Open Mic Night - Sat 17th June, 2017 0 Entertainment
My next Open Mic Night in the function room of Bar le Viking in Notre Dame du Touchet (50) is this Saturday, 17th J
started by: pontaubray · last update: 1497201746 · posted: 1497201746
moving to dordogne 2 General
we are looking to relocate from the vendee and would like to move to where there is a community of english speaking
started by: rayvivc · last update: 1497112569 · posted: 1497091354
Language exchange French/English 0 Families & Kids
Hi, does anyone interested in meeting me for a language exchange  French/English ? I live near Caen in Evrecy,
started by: mappemonde78 · last update: 1497012544 · posted: 1497012543
Best places to live in Angers 0 General
I would appreciate any input over which are  the best areas to live in Angers and which areas should be a
started by: jml-640431 · last update: 1496824869 · posted: 1496824869
Swimming Pools 3 Home & Garden
I am considering putting in a small swimming pool next year in my smallish garden but may just put in a jacuzzi ins
started by: capricorn2013 · last update: 1496662579 · posted: 1496245606
pension and Tax 15 Financial & Legal
Can anyone help, We are planning to take early retirement at 55 and would like to live in Charente, if we have a jo
started by: Karen-Malcolm-898961 · last update: 1496421282 · posted: 1495374357
Open Mike Night 0 Entertainment
Open Mike Night at the Red Lion Desertine this Saturday 3rd June come along show off your talent or just enjoy 7:30
started by: marmaduke-629551 · last update: 1496219498 · posted: 1496219497
... 0 General
I have a friend (who has been widowed for many years) who is in his early eighties and is looking for a lady who wo
started by: pony1 · last update: 1496145647 · posted: 1496145647
Duncan Frost 0 General
Hi All, Trying to locate Duncan frost, (fathers name Geff Frost)  he moved from Parcey Le Pin around May
started by: ponycatz-634490 · last update: 1495881367 · posted: 1391680488
Learn French with locals in Nantes 0 General
Hi everyone, If you're learning French and need some practise, we organise a free event that could help you a lot!
started by: franglish-956103 · last update: 1495881324 · posted: 1401190997
HI Mmy son has a 2 day under 10 football tournament in Bouaye on 14TH/15TH June and england are playing Italy on 14
started by: GREATBEAR · last update: 1495881273 · posted: 1401385572
MAIN RESIDENCE 7 Financial & Legal
started by: rayvivc · last update: 1495579422 · posted: 1495104699
house move 2 Financial & Legal
I guess many know 'Shiply' website which allows transport companies to bid on a shipment. Does anyone know any othe
started by: loadeddice3-638548 · last update: 1495529802 · posted: 1303465394
Warning about PAC's 8 General
A very good French friend of ours, with two children, has just lost her companion to cancer, and has just been advi
started by: Davey1200-433468 · last update: 1495491867 · posted: 1493743781