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Good eveningI wondered if you could help me. We were thinking of renting our house out long term to either a French family or to a Ukrainian family in need of housing. The house is in a small village called St Georges le Gaultier in the Sarthe, France. It is 4 bedrooms, and 2.5 bathrooms with a big kitchen and living room. It has a small village garden area to the rear. I wondered if there was some information on both options mentioned above. It would be great to have some initial pointers especially any knowledge you may have on Ukrainian refugees.Kind regardsGill Lee 

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Can anyone recommend a house clearance company or auction house as I need to clear a house of furnishings and garage/ garden equipment? Neat Noyant. 

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I am trying to upload a classified on services offered and it just keeps bringing me to a page that says "whoops something whent wrong" i have tried to classified with and without any pictures and it doesnt seem to make a blind bit of difference.

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I am trying to upload a classified on services offered and it just keeps bringing me to a page that says "whoops something whent wrong" i have tried to classified with and without any pictures and it doesnt seem to make a blind bit of difference.

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This is for questions you may have regarding how to use AngloINFO.-----Forums Administrationloire.forums@angloinfo.com

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Hi, Can someone please tell me how I delete my account? There is no information whatsoever and it is frustrating.Cheers

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Can anyone please DELETE my account? I frustratingly found no other way of doing it myself.

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Same old problem, it disappeared for ages but is now back with a vengeance. Just sit down for dinner and the unknown number appears on the phone, normally 045 or 09 selling something. Orange have now reinstated me on the red line, which I thought I was already on and gave me a website blocktel.gouv.fr on which I have made an inscription, only time will tell if it works, but thought it might be useful for anyone suffering the same.

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How can I  edit an add that i have posted? forgotten to add price also adjust map.

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Although I do have a carte vitale I am trying to help a family who came last year to apply for one. The husband is having to live in England as his business sale fell through. The wife and children aged 10 and 8 are here permanently. How does the wife get a carte vitale? She is aged about 45 and was born in Norfolk, UK so were her kids.Where does she initially apply? She is not job seeking-just needs it for health care at the moment.

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My wife needs a knee replacement operation.  We have CPAM cover but not mutuelle and would like to know how much the final bill will be.  A search on the internet says the percentage I will have pay is quoted in the tarif de convention but this doesn't seem to be available on the internet.  Any help would be appreciated.

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How do I change my account from Brittany to Pays de la Loire where I now live? 

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Can you please delete my account because I am not planning to use it. Thank you in advance.

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Hi All. I haven't used AI since the site changed so dramatically until now. I have put an ad on the classifieds and it came out wrong with the wrong photos and I can't for the life of me work out how to edit it. Does anyone know how to do this? It won't let me into the ad at all. I haven't tried clicking on 'mark as sold' because it isn't sold but maybe this is what you need to do because that would be a computer-like obtuse thing. Any clever whizzes out there? Thanks in advance.

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Am trying to enter a for sale post but when I get to the end it keeps telling me captcha is incomplete, what else am I supposed to do

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have spent approx. 1 hour trying to list an item ,waste of time ,photo wont upload in correct size ,then it signs you out ,clear they only want ,firms on here as I read the discussion's on here clear I am not the only one ,used to be a good site ,alas people cannot leave unbroken items alone  

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Hope this is appropriate for this site. We have visited the Vendee for the past 13 years and will be doing so again in 2017. This year we got let down by our mobile phone provider and our phones didn't allow us to use them until the evening prior to our departure for home! Thinking of changing to Virgin mobile, what is their coverage like in the Vendee? We stay in the St Denis Du Payre area.

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