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i have a French registered Discovery with no CT i need to get it to Pontivy from Plymouth, is anybody going back with an empty trailer?happy to pay 200 euro for fuel

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Need to scrap uk registered car how do i do this are there scrap yards in mayenne area will they scrap uk car. Any advice thanks .

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Have heard but want if verified that as from May 2018 all cars over the age of six years will need a CT every year.  Have been told that if you have an older car that is due for CT this year then it best to get it done before May and then the 2 year regulation will be covered for at least the next two years.  If you wait until after May then you only get one year cover.  Also have heard that the tests are going to be much more stringent so not going to be as easy to pass.   However I have tried to look at the web site and translated all on there and it is true re the more stringent regs but can't find anything about the year change for older cars.  Can anyone verify this.

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i have a van that needs to be scrapped, does anyone know of someone that will collect from my house neargorron, thanks

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Have moved house and tried to change addresses with the system that covers most of the changes iwth various authorities.  Nothing seems to have been done though so today i tried to change the cert of immatriculations online.  I created an account at ants.gouv but it asks me for  a confidential code...what is that?  help button doesnt work.I ask for a new code and fill in a form...it says my dossier doesnt permit it .  What am I doing wrong...I thought it should be easy. thnaks in advance

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Can anybody recommend a good body repair shop near 53 / 61 border (Domfront /Gorron)Need replacement wing fitted to van

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I'm trying to source a pair of LHD headlamps for our Freelander Series 1 prior to registering it here. I've been told that there's a German website that supplies parts cheaper than here in France, however I've not been able to find it so far. Can anyone help - or does anyone know where I can buy some s/hand for a sensible price?

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Just having a browse through Autotrader at what was available LHD and it appears that the prices are over and above the equivalent RHD vehicles. It seems a bit ludicrous, I'm told that loads of Brits are returning to the UK, so not much of a market, me thinks, for anyone coming over here, what with Brexit and the state of the exchange rate. Surely it must reflect the same way that RHD vehicles are worth substantially less over here in France??

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Who would you recommend for car insurance over here, looking for fully comp policy and are there any major differences between the UK and France on policy wording ans what is covered.?

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I'm about to get our car CT'd prior to re-registering it here. It was MOT'd in the UK a few months ago - are there any major differences between an MOT and a CT?  Better forewarned and forearmed!!

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Does anyone know if there are still problems on the periphique from Caen to the Alencon exit. Travelling from Villaines la Juhel to Caen ferry on Friday?

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HiBeen discussed numerous times, but i cannot access it through new AI format.I want to register my UK Volvo over here.On my V5, I have a serial number in Section 'K' and  the variant numbers in Section: D2.Am I correct in 'assuming' that this negates me having to pay the exorbitant sum of 169euro for a CoC.

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Hi All, we are going to move to France in September - can you advise who / how to insure our cars there? We will be selling up here so we need to insure with French insurers. Thank you!Jane 

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There is a guy selling a 1969 Jaguar Series 1 locally but it has no carte grise. It's a worthwhile restorationmproject but I am not sure of the implications of buying a car without a CG and whether it can be registered in the future without one. I am not sure if it has ever been registered in his name.

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Hi we need to change our UK headlights for French so if you have a pair not being used or your returning to the UK and need English ones it seems there is a cartel over here for pricing cant afford a great deal so if anyone knows of a pair available can you please get in touch thank you in advance for your time

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Can anybody help me please. I have a trailer here in France. It is a large twin axle with 2.400Kg capacity. I realise that i need a CT for the trailer, but am I also required to take a test?

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I exchanged my UK driving licence for a French one in 2013. I have just come to UK to stay with family after the death of my husband. Looked at my licence as I was thinking of hiring a car and was horrified to see that the licence was only valid for 2years. I was under the impression it was valid until I was 75! I have been driving illegally but totally unaware.  I am now in UK so can't do anything from here. Has anyone on here had the same problem?

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I am trying to register a 2009 Nissan, I read somewhere that as it has just had a Uk MOT it doesnt need a Ct...I cant now find this link so any direction gratefully recieved...anyway in view of this- asked at my locat Ct station where they have no idea and told me I would still need a CoC to get a Ct to register the car, even thought it is only 5 years old and has a K number...has anyone done this recently are they right ? Or are there any links that I could show them.... Sorry to bring this topic up again but i am so confused....

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Please can anyone advise the following:Which documents do I need to take with me?Where do I get the paperwork from that needs to be completed - Mairie?I know I have to take it to a Prefecture, I live near La Fleche, but have no idea where I have to go?The car is a new left hand drive that we brought to France so am not anticipating any problems as it should conform to requirements.We have insured it in France but have to re-register the car or prove we are in the process of doing so within 3 months so need to get it sorted asap. In terms of the caravan, I am assuming the paperwork will be similar or the same?Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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Renault Master Tipper  Double cabin  French vehicle and French reg  - CR-995-LS VIN-- VF1HDCCK520094053 Stolen the last week in  Sept 2016 At Villaines La Juhel (53700) Route de Trans ...(near to Galvamaine factory ) Information from neighbour leads me to believe it was towed away All information will be completely confidential . Either contact me directly  by PM or if you prefer contacter the Gendarmerie - Brigade du Villaines La Juhel on  02 43 30 10 08

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