Need a really good red wine for big party

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Could somebody recommend a nice, round, smooth red wine that isn't expensive and can be bought in most supermarkets in the area. I need to buy bulk (ie lots) for a big family party. We've tried a few but still haven't found one that isn't "sour" and a bit bitter, unlucky I guess as there must be loads very nice ones!! Please help, not sure my liver can take too many bottle tastings.....   

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dot-787426 1401996104

My husband likes Minervois purchased from Hyper U costing c. 2.20 Euros.

buster-784461 1402000784

I like Roche Mazet Bordeaux, you can get it in the 'boxes'.

Also Syrah.

martine mary-813749 1402008813

We also like the Roche Mazet wines, try the Merlot for a smoother rounded wine.


Lofty-385373 1402048896

You can't beat the South African Pinotage from Lidl, it's cheap its smooth and does not leave a nasty taste, of course it's NOT French but hey!

ejc-free-538378 1402066453

Have you thought about going to your local cave and asking for a tasting? Ours does extremely well priced reds by 5 or 10 litres, as well as bottles and is happy for us to taste so we get a wine we like, especially if buying in bulk for a party


itsme-643168 1402068347

Have to agree with Lofty....  it never lets you down CHEAP and extremely quaffable

Billy-the-kid 1402076681

Chateauneuf du pape not cheap but hard to beat one I would feel confident in .

foyboy 1402081817

A lot of the Loire reds are easy to drink, pleasant and undemanding. Local too.

Bentley-386430 1402087535

C D P yes but it is for a party, could be a bit expensive.  More suiable for a nice meal.  I would say go and have a sample of a few and that way you know it will be OK;


fliers 1402321511

There will be a cave or merchant somewhere near you. Go there. Sample it and buy in a box. Have a nice experiance too!

Its all about taste. The ones mentioned are all good for those that recommend them Maybe not for you.

I buy a wine from a merchant which is CNDP which cannot be called so, but its only 2 the litre.

As a genetality, most English like wines from the east, Rhone, Burgundy,  etc. Most French prefer the west such as all the Bordeauxs, esp Medoc and St Emilion. And the wines of the south west, Languedoc (d,Oc) minervois and Corbieres are in vogue and inexpensive. You cannot beat tasting them

jillady 1402615225

If Chatneuf du pape is to expensive try a Crozes Hermitage or a Rasteau. Cheaper still a Cotes de Rhone Villages. Lidle's South African Cabernet Sauvignon isn't bad at 2.20€ a bottle

foyboy 1402653054

'A really good red wine for a big party (inFrance?)

I can see lots af happy faces when they travel to the big party to find they are enjoying Lidl's South African wine! Really good and cheap are not always synonyms even if you like the taste.

Ian Taplin 1402678991

You could try the local Cavavin wine merchants ,my friend owns one in Fontenay  and gives excellent service and discount on bulk orders and will take back unopened bottles or boxes.The company are afranchise so there must be one near you .

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