Advice on how to choose a primary school in Angers

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Hello, my two children and I might be moving to Angers in one month. They will be in Moyenne Section (only speaks English) and CP (speaks both English and French). Any advice on how to choose a school that is welcoming to foreigners of Asian descent? Specifically am worried about anti-Asian sentiment due to Covid-19 (which I do understand completely.) We prefer French-speaking schools (3 out of the 4 of us semi-speak French), private or public does not matter, and will select accommodations only once the school is confirmed. Schools in France don't seem to actively update their websites, if they even have one. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks to all!

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You will need to go to the Mairie of your commune register your child and generally you will be told which schools are available I am afraid that "choice" as in the UK system does not really exist in France unless you are prepared to go fee paying

I assume that you have the necessary visas sorted?

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