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I am selling my house which has solar panels installed.  My contract with EDF has 10 years to run and I get about 1800 Euros a year selling electricity to them.  I would like to be able to transfer my contract to the new owner so that continue to get the approx 1800 Euros a year.  Can anyone tell me if this is possible?  The EDF site implies you can do this but I have been told by my estate agent that they havn't been able to arrange this for previous clients.  Has anyone had experience of transferring the EDF contract either as a buyer of seller?

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We have signed a Devis for a local builder and he was meant to start the work this month. Unfortunately my Dad is poorly so we will now be back and forth from the UK so I have asked him to push the start date back. He wants us to give him 20% of the Devis now even though he will not start the work till later on in the year. Where do we stand? 

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Hi I’m just looking for some advice on how I can proceed in order to get a neighbour to essentially leave me and my wife alone.  The backstory to this is that last  august my wife and I purchased our first home together. After living in the property for 6 months we had discovered all the major problems that needed attention and work. We first started by just getting a gardener in to clear the jungle surrounding the property. This is where we first heard about the neighbour who had proceeded to berate the gardener about leaves falling over the wall etc. We decided to let it go and put it down to them having a bad day. As the months have gone by more builders have been to the property to carry out work and have all complained about this neighbour constantly staring over at them and trying to get them to stop work. Last month I had to park our car on the public road outside the house in order to allow the builders and digger into the property for some major work. Rather than speak to me directly he left a rude note on the car( not serious) but as of today I reached the end of my tether whilst stopping on the side of the road to open our gate this neighbour has finally for the first time in a year come and spoke to me and my wife directly. Things got incredibly heated and our other neighbour who is french decided to come to our aide. As the conversation carried on he is now complaining to us about having work done on the house. Which in all honesty has been very minimal and not loud other than recently digging up the driveway to lay new gravel.  Now for the fun part, my wife and I own a local restaurant and work incredibly long hours usually 8 am to midnight 5 days a week, throughout all weekends, so we are very rarely at the house during the day and when we get home we cook some food in the kitchen and go to bed. This neighbour is now telling us that we are not allowed to cook food so late at night (this house is completely detached) and that if we carry on coming home and eating late at night he will sue us for being a nuisance. Of course we were all laughing at this but I have had enough of the harassment and the neighbour constantly leaving notes speaking to the builders and taking them away from their job. So what I am basically wondering is there any way that I can legally get this person to leave us alone. Our job is stressful, and we would like to think we are quiet neighbours despite occasional building work going on outside the house, so coming back to this guy is just added stress. Our other neighbour has also had problems with this person since before we moved in. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you. 

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Hi I am asking if you could give me some advise please. I moved to France in 2007 and returned to look after my parents in 2013 who are now both deceased. I would like to return to France to live and apply to become French or dual just confused how it works because of Brexit. Can you advise me with what time I have let before Brexit what I should do. Is their dual nationality or just to apply for French Citizenship or Cart de Sejour. Thank you.

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Do I need French Citizenship to qualify for a divorce "consentement mutuelle"? I am married to a french national, marriage in France under the regime "communauté des biens". I have lived in France for 27 years.

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Hello, I'm very new here but wondered if anyone knew of any official translators that can do birth certificates please? I would be very grateful if anyone can help as soon as possible. Thank you.

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I'm aware of the 01st January date relating to this tax but can anyone advise the actual start date for the tax year of this tax please?

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Has anyone successfully applied for, and got a Carte sejour permanent valid for 10 yrs from Laval.  If so just what document did they need.  I know of three couples who applied and each needed different documents according to the person dealing with them.  Two gave up after 6 months because of the sheer difficulty of these people.  Surely there must be a definitive list.  Strangely enough the couple who were siccessful had the least amount of documents but a very helpful person in the office.

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We have owned our maison secondaire for 7 years and have blithely paid our two taxe d'habitation bills every year, as did the previous owners. One bill is for the house, fair enough, but the other is for a small stone building opposite which we also own. We use this only for storing wood and gardening tools. It has no power, utilities, isn't furnished and is no way habitable. In the past we've just thought 'well, it must be right' but our French friends were outraged when they found out recently & urged us to take it up with the tax office. I would rather be more sure of my facts before getting involved in a dispute ... are our French friends correct?

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Any pointers for bank account, I am getting peed off with CA not only 5.50€ a month but then another annual fee for the Visa card of 40.50€ just for having a debit card to spend my money.

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We have owned property in France for 17 years but only recently (2years) moved to the Vendee.  We have  now received a bill relating to residence secondaire.  Is this a new tax?

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I guess many know 'Shiply' website which allows transport companies to bid on a shipment. Does anyone know any other similar site? Terry

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We have lived in the house 9 years with no problems. After the hot summer and then a monsoon of a storm the drain blocked. The technician from SAUR'S partner company for sewage was shocked to see that our semis empty the rain from the roof down-pipes into an open catchment where the 4 toilet pipes empty and also 2 showers and 3 wash basins from the 2 properties. He says it is our private responsibility to get a guzzler to unblock it, but worse than that he says it is outside the normes and neither of us should have bought our houses like that and certainly would not be allowed to sell them in the future. The pipe disappears off under a road of the commune, but does not appear in any of the grates. Yikes-what to do? It could cost more than the property to trace and fix this.

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I hope this is the right place to post.  Not really financial, but nothing else fits.  I have just bought an ipad mini and I want to buy a sim card for it.  I only want a small amount of data.  Basically I want to be able to get a weather forecast when I am out in my boat (I know I can only do this within mobile phone range).  I am not at all knowledgeable about this sort of thing and can't understand the adverts even for English "bundles", never mind French.  Any advice out there?

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Thanks but we have now succeeded on getting onto our internet revenus 2016 account, so our question is superfluous.   

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Can anyone help me please? I have read and been advised by various people/agencies of the notice period one must give and insurer if you want to cancel. The periods quoted vary from 21-60 days. If it is the latter (60 days) what does one do if you only receive your renewal some 21 days before renewal as has just happened to me? I seem to remember reading somewhere that the government were going to change the rules to fall in line with other states. Any clarification would be much appreciated.

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Where is the Revenue Fiscal reference no found. we cant  find the 2015 Declaration  Preremplie Revenus for completion of the online form.  Thanks  

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Hi a friend is moving to france and bring his own furniture the removal company have told him he will need to pay import tax on his furniture could anyone confirm this and say how the amount is Calculated 

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Can anyone help, We are planning to take early retirement at 55 and would like to live in Charente, if we have a joint income of 15k per year what tax will we pay, 

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