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Colin Pond



Can anyone help me please? I have read and been advised by various people/agencies of the notice period one must give and insurer if you want to cancel. The periods quoted vary from 21-60 days. If it is the latter (60 days) what does one do if you only receive your renewal some 21 days before renewal as has just happened to me? I seem to remember reading somewhere that the government were going to change the rules to fall in line with other states. Any clarification would be much appreciated.

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Try this

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Depends what type of insurance.CFs link explains it well enough I think

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It would have been even better if I could get links to be live every time! They work sometimes but not other times.

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Bit like me then!

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As long as it isn't Health Insurance your new insurer will do all the necessary for you. No need to send the stupid stamped and recorded mail now.

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