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I am selling my house which has solar panels installed.  My contract with EDF has 10 years to run and I get about 1800 Euros a year selling electricity to them.  I would like to be able to transfer my contract to the new owner so that continue to get the approx 1800 Euros a year.  Can anyone tell me if this is possible?  The EDF site implies you can do this but I have been told by my estate agent that they havn't been able to arrange this for previous clients.  Has anyone had experience of transferring the EDF contract either as a buyer of seller?

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Certainly the EDF are not too helpful but there is no reason why this should not be done. However from what I can work out this can only be done when the year ends and then the new person takes over. There is it seems no real prospect of between times. However you can always make an ad hoc arrangement for the revenue to be put in his account. You may need a notaire or a legal to do it!

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