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Just want to ask where on tax form for 2015 do you put a UK pension from a government employment pension which is taxed at source in the UK. I know it is on form 2047K on the back page but want it verified which number on that page you put it in.

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Im thinking of selling my house in france could anybody tell me how the amount of tax payable is worked out. I  been told that the amount of tax payable reduces the longer you have owned the property

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Good morning,  does anyone know what documents I need to take to the compromis de vente?  I am selling my house which I have lived in from day one when I bought it 18 years ago.  Also, I have read that it is best to ask for the house to be sold "l'etat"  as seen.  Has anyone any comments on this?  Thanks for your advice.

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Hi everybody, Just wondering if anybody has experienced this. My US-born wife recently applied for her first 'carte de séjour' at the Préfecture in Laval. At the end of the appointment, she received a 'récépissé de demande de carte de séjour'. This, I understand, is a temporary document whilst the official application is being processed, which could take up to two months.  We have a family reunion in the UK in a couple of weeks. When I mentioned this at the end of our appointment, we were informed that the 'récépissé' may not be sufficient to return to France afterwards, as the official carte application is still in progress. Her 90 permitted days in the Schengen area have now passed. I have heard rumours about a 'visa prefectoral de retour' which could help with this.  Is there anybody here that would know a) where to obtain one (if it would be of use) or b) whether the 'récépissé' would, in fact, be sufficient? Or is it simply better that my wife remains here in France? Many thanks, Rog

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I'm sure this has been discussed before but cannot be sure of the timeframe - why is it that when you use a UK debit card to buy fuel at the 24 hour pumps that a great deal more money disappears from the account for an unspecified amount of time? Only happens with these machines,using the debit card at the station window is just treated as an ordinary transaction. Any information on this occurrence would be appreciated.

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It used to be that if you were not in residence in January you did not have to pay tax d'habitation.  Does anyone know if that is still the case?  Second question:-  if your French home becomes your secondary home (you leave France to return to England after many years) is it correct that you must pay 20% more for your tax fonciere and tax d'habitation?  Thanks in advance for any information.  

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Recently started with a company which gives a very good rate, pm me for details.

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I had a phone call, in French, telling me that I have a Collisimo, not sure that I have spelt that correctly!  Anyways, an undelivered parcel.  Press the hatch key to speak to an advisor, which I did without thinking!  Then a voice in English said Thank you.  Then I heard the dialling tone/nothing so I put the phone down and forgot all about it.  There was no parcel.  I am now wondering if I have been "scammed" ?  When I pressed the hach key perhaps they can charge my phone? Pick  up ininformation?  That was three days ago.  I thought about it this morning and pulled out/disconnected for 20 mins in the hope that this has severed whatever they were up to?!  Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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A friend said the other day that France will not be getting the UK winter fuel allowance as it is not cold enough, just how cold does it have to get then? Does that also mean that anyone including me that has already been getting it will now have it stopped? Thank you very much on behalf of my friend and anyone else that is having that problem!

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I've had a UK credit card for at least 20yrs now since I came to France and understand that this facility has now been withdrawn for a lot of non UK residents.But not me----yet!! So I'm trying to keep under the radar hoping they won't cancel it .However I moved house last year  (actually  same town,postcode)and because I've had my post redirected  the bills have still been coming via old address. Now I just wonder if there are many of you French residents who like me ,haven't had their UK credit card facility withdrawn.Also if I do register a change of address will I automatically be told to close the account.Their info booklet says you have to have a UK address,so I suppose I will. However if the rumour I have heard is true,that it will be illegal for UK banks to close accounts for non residents from next year,maybe I should just sit tight and continue using old address until the new rules come into force('though I don't have an account with the actual bank,only the credit card.). I haven't' phoned UK  help desk yet ,don't want to have to identify myself as am sure I must be breaking some of the terms and conditions. It is so useful to have,for travel booking ,getting through Christmas etc ,I have come to depend on it.   Que faire????

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A question concerning what would be called "Squatters Rights" in Uk. Bought our property out here in 2004. On one side is a field. In the corner of this field is a semi delapidated barn and two side walls of it is acting as our boundary fence. This is where it gets complicated. The field and barn is owned by a business man who died in 2005/2006. As normal in France his kids are disputing the inheritance, so to date nothing has been resolved. A local farmer has been renting the field for many years paying a yearly rental until the owner died in 2005/6 but has not paid his rent since. This farmer gave me permission to use this barn which I have been doing so for ten years approx. This farmer wishes to buy the field and has stated that I can buy the barn when he owns it. But of course nothing can be done until the inheritance is sorted out. My question is; Do I hold some form of squatters rights over this barn having used it freely for about ten years? Does this sort of fall into the area of where if you let someone use your land it can possibly become theirs over many years? Any ideas?

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Has anybody else received this email?  I understand the French, can read it but .... do not fully understand.  I pay my cotisations every three months to the URSSAF, autoentrepreneur.  However, it is the RSI who have sent the email.  Perhaps it is referring to something else?  Does anyone know? Thanks

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Has anyone any details of an English speaking notaire around the Saumur area, for making a will. If you would kindly send me details by pm I would be most appreciative. The one at Le Puy-Notre-Dame, who was recommended as being keen to work with English people, I have given up with. Many thanks.

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My father in law died last year without leaving a will. He was a widow and has three children. The eldest son (my husbands brother) applied for probate and a grant was issued. The problem is with us living here we are being ignored by the other two siblings. We only found out the bungalow, belonging to my father in law, had been put on the market by constantly checking the internet and have again just found out by constant checking that it has been sold and completed.   My husband phoned the solicitor dealing with the sale to ask what the position was regarding the proceeds from the sale. He said that as he was acting for my husband's brother he could not give any information as to where the cheque went or who it was made paid to. The deeds to the bungalow were in my father in laws name and the brother was acting as the administrator knowing that the remains had to be split between the three of them. I'm sorry if this is long winded but we are getting nowhere with the family or from the court that issued the grant we just want to know as there was no will does the cheque go to someone other than the brother? We know that if the cheque goes to the brother my husband won't receive a thing. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thank you.  

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A new campaign group has recently formed in the UK called WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign) to "seek fair transitional arrangements for all women born on or after 6th April 1951 who have unfairly borne the burden of the increase to the State Pension Age (SPA). Hundreds of thousands of women have had significant changes imposed on them with a lack of appropriate notification. The 1995 Conservative Government’s Pension Act included plans to increase women’s SPA to 65, the same as men’s. Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI), agree with equalisation, but don’t agree with the unfair way the changes were implemented – with little/no personal notice (1995/2011 Pension Acts), faster than promised (2011 Pension Act), and no time to make alternative plans. Retirement plans have been shattered with devastating consequences." A crowdfunding exercise raised enough to pay for legal advice and barristers are currently considering potential action. A petition has been signed by more than 21,000 people since the 20th October. Yesterday it was announced that the Parliamentary Select Committee for Work and Pensions will be seeking submissions from women born in the 50's. "The Work and Pensions Committee have launched an inquiry into the new State Pension introduced in April 2016. Concerns have been raised that many of those who will be affected by the changes do not know enough about the changes or exactly what they will mean for their pensions." More details here:-  I am sure that there are many of you (like me) who are affected by these changes. You may want to consider signing the petition and asking your family and friends to do the same here You can find more information about the campaign and read some of the heartbreaking stories about women who have been left without the money they are entitled to here: Please pass this information to the women you know who were born in the 50's!

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As I understand it there has been a new EEC ruling where as a foreigner living in France you can elect to use the inheritance laws of your own country. Is this true and if so how does it work ?   Thanks !

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Hi, So my US wife and I (from the UK) will be moving to France very shortly. For the carte de séjour, various docs are required, including proof of sufficient finances. Initially I won't have a Frence bank account. Will a statement from my UK bank (Santander) be sufficient for this purpose? Thank you! I'm getting nervous trying to handle all this without a lawyer! Roger

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I am buying a house and there is a peculiar situation where there is an annex room attached to the first floor (connected to the house by a door like a regular room), but it is a separate parcel on the Cadastre.  The next door neighbor owns the cellar and the ground floor room, and I own the first floor room and attic.  The Division states that I am responsible for the Roof, rafters, etc., and that the neighbor is responsible for the joists, supporting beams, etc.  Now, as an attorney, the language to me is clear that the joists under my first floor annex room are the responsibility of the neighbor.  I am having the roof and attic redone but the agent insists that the neighbor is NOT responsible for the joists under my floor.  This is contrary to the reading of the Division.  I need a French avocat for the limited purpose of reviewing that section of the Division and giving me a legal opinion as far as French law would be concerned.   Any suggestions?  Thanks!

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Periodically, along with others, I receive a mail fromBrianCave, who is running a campaign with the laudable aim of restoring the vote to those British citizens who under current legislation lose the right to vote inUKelections after living abroad for more than 15 years.   I’ve just received his latest mail, and am particularly interested in the section on what will happen in the case of a Brexit, which is of course a separate albeit related  issue. Given that no-one can foretell the future with accuracy, I believe some of his predictions are questionable, to say the least. For ease of reference, I’ve set them out below, together with my responses   “British citizens will no longer be EU citizens”   We are British citizens, unless we want to change our citizenship to the country in which we live. EU citizenship is a mythical state.   “British citizens will no longer be free to work, set up businesses, study and retire in EU countries.  British citizens will no longer benefit from subsidised health services across the EU.”   British citizens were doing all those things long before the EU came into being. Furthermore, those benefits are reciprocal, as is also the case with the NHS. There’s no reference to the Double Taxation Treaty, which is an example of an arrangement that exists quite independent of the EU.   “The Euro Health Insurance card 'EHIC' would cease to be available to British Citizens - So emergency health cover from Britain would cease for British holiday makers in Europe.”   There is no reason why it could not be replaced by a UKHIC. Again, there is the question of reciprocity to take into account.    “British citizens would not benefit from the reduced bureaucracy in EU countries that they currently enjoy as EU citizens.”    I suspect that he’s making bricks out of straw here, and have asked for examples.   “British citizens are likely to be subject to increased border checks when travelling in the EU.” The way things are going, this is likely to happen in any case, and overall may in fact be an improvement on the current situation. I’ve replied to him on those lines, but think that these issues should be the subject of wider debate, and shall be interested to read what others think on the subject.

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I have a further question.  My partner is already in receipt of his UK state pension.  He is about to stop working AE  In effect retiring only he doesn't have enough points for a French pension.  I need to know, as he is 65 will he be considered "en retraite" and stay with the RSI or will there be an interlude while they change him over to the CPAM? !  He was with CPAM BEFORE AE. We have been here for 18 years.  I have emailed my questions to the RSI but have not, as yet, received a reply.  Would be pleased to here others experiences.  Thanks, Greenleaf.

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